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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Listen Up

It’s not the clothes that stop me from shopping on the high street – in fact my little River Island sundress that cost 25 quid garners as much praise as any of my more expensive pieces – but rather it’s the squish. The sweaty messiness of people trampling over me to get the last pair of size 7 espadrilles, the interminable wait at the fitting rooms and the tropical climate that means I have to take off all my clothes just to have a quick look around. But I could actually deal with all of this; I could grin and bear it if it weren’t for the music. The banging, tuneless so-called dance or techno that H & M and Mango pump out. Nope, sorry, that’s where I draw the line. I immediately retreat from the humid swamp of a high street store when aggressive trance blares from the speakers. Yes, I know that Urban Outfitters is overpriced but I can browse to the strains of Lady B. And over at Liberty what’s that I hear: ah yes a remix of Noah and the Whale’s Blue Skies. Perfect for trying stuff on to.

It’s not that I’m a snob though – just last week I was in my local Poundland (Quick aside: Poundland is amazing. Everything is a pound. Toffifee, kitchen paper, pregnancy tests, Pride and Prejudice on DVD. A POUND!) when I heard a song that sounded like a happier version of Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma. “What’s this amazing song?” I asked the checkout girl. “Dunno,” she shrugged. You don’t get great customer service when everything is a pound. But anyway my point is that if Poundland can manage to play decent music that makes me want to dance around the aisles then surely H & M can work on their playlist.

The peeps at Urban Outfitters are slightly more helpful than the Poundland staff and have put together a LSTN feature on their website where you can listen to the tunes they’ve been playing recently. And a girl who worked at Topshop lovingly collated a blog that featured the store’s playlists. She left Topshop last month and the blog is now defunct but it’s still worth having a quick look through. LE

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm seeing double, triple, quadruple.......

Although I am now officially a Londoner, I still have to keep up-to-date with all that is going down in the motherland. The elections, the leaving cert screw up and Amy Huberman’s wardrobe. In today’s Irish Times Amy talks to Deirdre McQuillan about her style and is pictured wearing a Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. You know, the orange one with the shoulders. The really nice one that’s unfortunately been ruined by its ubiquity. Peaches and Alexa have worn it, it’s been blogged about endlessly, even my other The Portmanteau half owns it. And that for me is the problem with high street/designer collaborations. Even before Matthew Williamson for H & M hit the shops, Mischa Barton had been pictured wearing every piece in the collection, thus rendering it completely unwearable. When I was a teenager, I used to get a thrill out of celebrities wearing the same clothes as me. Oh look, Natalie Appleton has my Warehouse top. But now I think that they just ruin them, robbing that Topshop dress of any sense of originality and exclusivity.

Perhaps it’s something that has been compounded by the Internet, its democratic nature means that everybody knows where you get your clothes and even your style references. It’s not a problem that is confined to the high street. I feel pretty much the same about Balmain jackets. I mean I could never afford one, but even if I could I’m not sure I’d want a jacket that’s been pictured so often. I’d feel that every time I’d wear it, people would be thinking, “Oh there goes that girl who wants to be Emmanuelle Alt”. And while that’s true, I do want to be Emmanuelle Alt, I don’t everybody to guess that by looking at my £3,000 denim jacket.

That said, how hot does Alexa look in the dress? Maybe I want one after all...... LE

Amy Huberman in the dress

Peaches in the dress

Alexa in the dress

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cruel Summer

A new year and time to look to the future / back to the 80s. Let's begin with a quote from a Bananarama classic - very apt as they are one of the key inspirations for this season. "Strange voices are saying, (What did they say), things I can't understand". Those strange voices belong to Marc Jacobs, Christophe Decarnin, the Topshop team and many others. For Summer 2009, they're telling us to wear jumpsuits (Marc by Marc Jacobs), big shoulders (Balmain), stone-washed denim (Topshop Unique) and peg-leg trousers (everybody). It was full on Bananarama-orama at the Topshop show where Katie Grand looked to her own teenage years for styling ideas - the result: models bouncing down the catwalk with bouffant hair and headscarves. 

It could be a cruel summer indeed with horrific holiday snaps to document it if I attempt to carry off the trend from head to toe. As much as I love the Banana girls, I'm thinking I won't be able to carry off the complete Siobhan Fahey circa 1987 look but a couple of 80s elements will definitely be added to my summer wardrobe.  

                                       Topshop Unique - Images from Vogue. com

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wrapping Up

It’s late October, which means it’s time to wrap up warm and what better way to do that than with a nice cozy cardigan. But cardigans are useful not only as a means of keeping us warm in wintry weather, but also as a way of dressing down a Topshop tea dress or making an outfit less “obvious”. There is nothing I hate more than an ensemble derived from only one shop because even though it might look quite on-trend, it smacks of a lack of imagination and can appear embarrassingly new. A cardigan is a simple solution, its comforting, battered woolliness an ideal antidote to satins, polyesters and all the other man-made fabrics that our dresses are made of.

I usually buy my simple black or grey cardigans from Marks and Spencer and aim for the plainest knits I can find. I think that when teamed with more colourful and interesting pieces, they create a nice contrast, counteracting any hint of shiny high street-ness. Replacing the plain plastic buttons with brass, leather or wooden ones can brighten things up and also helps to ensure that you’re not wearing exactly the same cardigan as your granny.

There are lots of big chunky knits and colourful Fair Isle cardis around this winter and you have a couple of choices with these. You can team them with plainer partners, but that may mean that you end up looking a little like a German exchange student who’s picked up their cardigan in a craft shop. Instead, embrace their propensity to clash, layering them over check shirts, floral dresses and stripy t-shirts.

Monday, September 15, 2008

London Fashion Week

So London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with shows from Charles Anastase, Peter Jensen and Topshop Unique among others. There were nods to the ‘80s from all three so we’re in for pastels and stone-washed denim apparently, which sounds horrible, but really looks rather nice. It just means that we’re going to have to lose some weight – pale denim is totally unforgiving.
Charles Anastase sent models down the catwalk with long wavy hair, big glasses and incredibly high shoes that perfectly juxtaposed the floaty pretty dresses and delicate cardigans. (Note to self – cancel all hairdressers’ appointments so as to grow long girlish locks and make a date with the optician.)
Peter Jensen and Topshop Unique offered some alternatives to the patterned headscarf that has threatened to become the accessory du jour but seems to be going down the route of the turban. Jensen’s models sported black chiffon headscarves which added mystery and intrigue to otherwise simple ensembles while over at Topshop Unique there were lots of jaunty bows set atop scraped-back ponytails.

Charles Anastase

Peter Jensen

Topshop Unique