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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The News

According to last week's Guardian Fashion Statement, David Lynch is to direct the new installment of the Lady Dior ad campaign. I've already spoken of how I was slightly underwhelmed by the last Lady Dior short - starring Marion Cotillard and directed by Olivier Dahan - so I'm not sure how this new Lynch project is going to pan out. Because - and don't all kill me - I'm not a big fan of David Lynch. OK sorry, sorry, I know that's sacrilege but I just can't forgive him for making me sit through Inland Empire, aka the most boringly confusing 3 hours of my life. Don't get me wrong - I like good confusing as much as the next person but when the director and actors seem as perplexed as you are mid-movie, I think there's something wrong. I can't even watch Laura Dern anymore and I used to like her but 180 minutes of low-quality, grainy footage put paid to that. The only good thing about that movie were the scenes with the rabbits. So yes I'm apprehensive. I have a feeling though that Dior wouldn't be too pleased if Lynch shot the ads for their high-end bags on digital video so I'm guessing that we'll be returning to his Obsession ads aesthetic, where I must admit he truly captured Heather Graham and Benicio del Toro's beauty, even if the concept of using lines by famous authors was a bit like something I would have come up with in Transition Year.

On Monday Grazia reported that some people were saying mean things about Tavi. Well actually it was mainly just one person: US Elle's fashion director Anne Slowey, who compared Tavi with JT LeRoy and seemed to imply that Tavi is not blogging alone. "You look at her video, and the writing [in her blog] doesn’t sync up with the way she talks about fashion. When I watched that video it smacked of this ethereal vagueness — this vacant-like quality where it was like everyone was on Vicodin. Like everyone was uncomfortably dumb except for me. I’m not trying to take anything away from her — her love of fashion, her love of style. She’s either a tween savant or she’s got a Tavi team." Hmm I'm not really sure. I mean there's something about having a camera in your face that can make even the most articulate come over a little tongue-tied. And surely we can't doubt a person's intelligence - or validity - just because they happen to be a teenager. There are lots of child geniuses out there.

Just look at little Johnjoe of Late Late Toy Show fame.

In other news, I joined Twitter. If you are on Twitter, please follow me and help me to navigate the etiquette of this new (for me) medium. Like can I just respond to somebody's tweets even if they are not following me? Because at the moment I feel like an eavesdropping stalker. LE