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Monday, November 23, 2009

Playing Games

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is play the Up and Down game while munching on a Paul pain au chocolat. The rules are as follows:

Player 1 adopts the role of the tester/quizmaster-type person while player 2 (or player 3/4/etc – you can really play with as many people as you like!) is the guesser. The tester clutches a copy of The Sunday Times Style and calls out an item from the Going Up/Going Down list that appears alongside Shane Watson’s column in the magazine. The guesser must then decide if the issue is ‘Up’ or ‘Down’. One point is awarded for a correct answer. An additional bonus point is given if player 2 can guess the exact reason for the item going up or down. It must be noted that sometimes it is necessary to re-phrase the item as it may be too obvious whether it’s up or down. For example yesterday ‘Fattening Cocktails’ appeared on the list and if player 1 had called it out like that, the game would be too easy. Down, duh. Instead Player 1 should disguise it as ‘Creamy Cocktails’ or ‘Indulgent Cocktails’.

Anyway, the reason that I’m granting you this fascinating insight into how I spend my Sundays is that ‘Lazy Bloggers’ appeared on the list yesterday. And I’d wager that you can guess that they were going down. The explanation given was: ‘If you’re not updating daily, we’re blogging off.’ Eek. I’m afraid that we've been quite lazy bloggers in recent months but we do have important things to do, you know, like working, socialising and, eh, watching John and Edward’s video diaries on (devastated btw).

But basically because we’d hate to be caught languishing at the wrong end of the Style list, we will be making an effort to blog more often from now on, perhaps not daily but certainly 4 times a week.