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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girl Guides

Just back from a mini sojourn in Paris. The city was as perfect as ever apart from one traumatic incident on the bumper cars in the Tuileries Gardens with overly aggressive kiddies getting carried away with the bumping aspect of this usually quite staid attraction. When travelling, I claim to like going with the flow but the nerd in me still likes to read up in advance with a good guide book. But which one to choose? Lonely Planet –practical but not pretty, DK Eyewitness – beautiful and informative but do we really need all the 3-D drawings of historical buildings?, Wallpaper Guides – gorgeous but sometimes we need more info that simply which boutique hotels are best. A good alternative to these is Ofr’s Guide Paris which I picked up at the bookshop at the Pompidou Centre. It’s beautifully designed with Sartorialist-chic pics of pretty young Parisians on bikes and smoking cigs by the Seine as well as lots of insider tips. The only drawback is the kinda nonsensical commentary – “Paris is an aphrodisiac bath that will welcome and carry your desires. It feels like life in the countryside, or by the Libyan sea, it's the Corsican freedom..”. Um, whatever you say. Also worth checking out is Ofr’s HQ in Le Marais. As well as being a gallery space, it’s one of the best art/design bookshops in Paris and a great place to get fashion magazines. I think it’s time to plan The Portmanteau’s next mini-break–maybe in October, just in time to catch Rodarte at Colette and the Kate exhib at the Musée des arts Décoratifs. NOK

Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Into Fashion By Degrees

I hadn’t been home (home as in where my mum and dad and dog live) since Christmas but Saturday saw me climb aboard a mini-bus and make the familiar journey down the dual carriageway towards Kildare. The 8th Fashion Bloggers’ Brunch was held in Kildare Village. Its Oh-God-is-that-outside-of-Dublin location may have accounted for the fewer than usual attendees but those of us who made the journey were pleasantly surprised by our day out in the sticks. There are lots of bargains to be bagged in your usual outlet centre haunts – Levi's, Nike, etc. - but also in high street stores Reiss and All Saints and it’s a great place to pick up home wear if you are so inclined.

Over brunch at L’Officina, talk turned to academic life and what people study or studied at college. Most of us had studied something completely different to the job that we are currently in and none of us fashion bloggers had specifically studied fashion. But then it doesn’t seem that studying fashion is necessarily the route to establishing a career in fashion. Only last week, we discussed how designer/gallery owner/POP’s editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova actually studied homeopathy! Luella Bartley did attend Central Saint Martins but she studied fashion journalism instead of design. Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte have no formal fashion training; both opted to attend Berkeley instead. Laura studied English literature whilst Kate took art history. And even Vivienne Westwood had an alternative career before she revolutionised fashion in the ‘70s - the woman who turned up knickerless to collect her OBE used to be a primary school teacher.

Dame Viv