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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Call Her Red

One of the year's most hyped artists took to the stage at YoYo at the Notting Hill Art Club last week looking oh so 2009. Sure, the synth sounds and 80s styling of La Roux are very now, but it’s really all about lead singer Elly Jackson's fiery do. In the video for their debut single Quicksand (directed by sometimes redhead Kinga Burza) she perches on the rim of a giant margarita cocktail as her quiff of red hair blows in the breeze. After years of ginger minger insults, redheads are having a moment. Other redheads of note for 09: Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine; Taylor Tomasi, Teen Vogue's Accessories Director and Cate Blanchett in Benjamin Button. Redheads are also storming the catwalk: Coco Rocha unveiled her new red tresses for January's Vogue and Vlada Roslyakova made herself stand out from a sea of faceless runway newcomers at NY fashion week with her newly dyed locks. The gene is definitely in my family: my sister is a full on redser but I’m afraid it hasn’t been passed to me. I have that all too common Irish hair colour - born mousy brown with a hint of red, now completely obliterated by a mass of blonde highlights – yes, it could be time to pull a Coco. This wave of 09 scarlet fever continues at the Idea Generation Gallery where photographer Jenny Wicks captures redheads in all their blazing glory in her series of stunning portraits.

Coco / Cate / La Roux / Taylor

Portrait by Jenny Wicks