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Monday, February 2, 2009

Fashion's Game of Musical Chairs

As we know, four seasons just aren't enough in the fashion world and for pre-fall, Hannah McGibbon's Chloe girl is looking a little drab and depressed. Did she have to trudge through 7 inches of snow this morning to get to her poorly paid job as a media slave like us here at The Portmanteau? - I don't think so. Cheer up, love - you have a wardrobe of Chloe clothes at your disposal. With this collection, the colourful Marni-esque designs of McGibbon's predecessor, Paolo Melim Andersson, seem very far away indeed. I know it's a tad uninspired and the colours aren't the most appealing (what would you even call some of them - mushroom?, sludge?) - but I kind of like the depressing vibe and I love the trousers.

The jury is definitely still out on Hannah McGibbon. I wasn't really feeling the salmon scalloped-edged looks for S/S 09 but I think fashion's powers that be should give her the breathing room to find her footing and establish herself. But I do fear for Hannah. I know this is toned down pre-fall, but I'm not sure if these are the looks to reinstate that innate It-girl-ness of Chloe under Stella and Phoebe, and will Hannah be allowed to wait around to find out?

Lately, the revolving door of fashion has been turning faster than ever, with designers in one moment and out the next. Take poor Allessandra Facchinetti - she was informed of her sacking, after only two seasons as head designer at Valentino, when it was reported in the press during Paris Fashion Week. In the words of Cher Horowitz, that was way harsh, Tai. Before that, she had another two season stint as head of design at Gucci. Paolo at Chloe lasted only three seasons. Lars Nilsson - five months at Gianfranco Ferre and now there are rumours that my beloved Olivier Theyskens might be out at Nina Ricci. Constant changes at the reins of fashion houses result in confused collections that prevent the establishment of a coherent brand identity. Translation: this game of musical chairs is no fun at all.

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