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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Under The Westway

London's so nice back in your seamless rhymes
But we're lost on the Westway
So we hold each other tightly
And hold on for tomorrow

Ok so I know that East is where it’s at, that Walthamstow is the new Dalston which was the new Shoreditch or whatever but since I moved to London I have lived in the deeply unfashionable West. The last time West London was remotely cool was probably sometime in the mid-nineties when Damon and Justine were living on Kensington Park Road.

The lyrics of Blur’s For Tomorrow evoke my favourite view over London - in a cab, driving along the Westway at night from Marylebone towards home, looking through the window at Golborne Road leading to Trellik Tower, Portobello Market and Ladbroke Grove tube, the skyline a mix of nineteenth century rooftops and stark, high rise flats. This urban landscape was lovingly documented in the latest issue of Pop with words by JG Ballard and pictures by Juergen Teller and Jon Savage. I first came across Savage’s portraits of neglected London at the ICA exhibition The Secret Public which explored the underground art scene that emerged against the background of Thatcher’s Britain. This feature was yet another highlight of Dasha’s first Pop. Overall, it more than surpassed my expectations, which were extremely low admittedly, and banished all thoughts of my initial WTF?? reaction to her appointment as editor-in- chief. NOK

Pics: flickr, Jon Savage, me & Fi.