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Friday, July 24, 2009

An Education

The trailer for An Education was released this week and has made us quite eager for the end of October to roll around. The film seems to posses pretty much everything we love in a movie - beautiful clothes, trips to Paris, allusions to Oxford and Rosamund Pike. But best of all, it is based on a journalist's autobiography - Lynn Barbers' An Education. We are obsessed with non-fiction books by journos. A quick glance at the bookshelf in the living room reveals The Meaning of Sunglasses by Hadley Freeman, Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison, The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann, The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant, The Celeb Diaries by Mark Frith and pretty much everything that Piers Morgan has ever written. We only bought the Piers Morgan books because we fancy him and even we - his most adoring fans - were a little bit bored by the third installment but we must admit that they do make good, if slightly embarrassing, tube reading. LE

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boys That We Fancy

The Grey Gardens meets Ab Fab mess that we predicted is now our reality. We live together in a tiny flat with shoddy carpentry, surrounded by discarded newspaper supplements and empty sparkling wine bottles. We spend our evenings compiling lists of boys we fancy and eating biscuits.

Piers Morgan
We only watched one episode of Britain’s Got Talent but that was all it took for us to develop huge crushes on Piers Morgan. It took us about a week to finally admit it (first to ourselves and then to each other) but we are now so proud of our paramour that we bought three of his books on Amazon the other night. Problem is he seems really into his perfect girlfriend Celia Walden and even if we got by her, we’d have SuBo to contend with.

Gordon Brown
OK he's the most unpopular person in Britain at the moment but our embarrassing crush on this particular PM just won't go away. Where other people see incompetent and crumbling, we just see an aloof brooding Heathcliff-type. Women ministers are abandoning him in droves but that just means there's less competition for his affections. Let's just say we won't be joining the WAGs (women against Gordon) anytime soon.

Chuck Bass
OK so Chuck has appeared on our previous Boys That We Fancy list but it would be unfair to exclude him from this one on those grounds. Maybe his Gossip Girl storylines have become a little fantastical but the news that he is to play Heathcliff more than makes up for that. As has previously been noted, The Portmanteau does not fancy Ed Westwick. Just Chuck Bass.

Tom Guinness
The new Burberry campaign for AW 09 was launched today fronted by Emma Watson. We have always found the Harry Potter actress a tad bland and underwhelming and can't really fathom the fashion world's interest in her. But the campaign is saved by the presence of yummy aristo Tom Guinness and his amazing cheekbones.

Andy Samberg
Andy is hot and hilarious, which is the ultimate combination. The only problem is that his girlfriend is harpist babe Joanna Newsom and we can't really compete with her as we love her too much. The Portmanteau was shocked when it first learned of their relationship - we thought she lived in a tower in a medieval town, drank mead and NEVER spoke to boys. How wrong we were.