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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spring Awakening

As the collections draw to a close in Paris, it’s a good time to reassess and confront the challenges ahead for Spring 2010. Regular peeps must come to terms with ice cream shades and underwear as outerwear. The fashion pack need to learn that just because someone is young and falls out of nightclubs does not make them a designer or a cool, model muse.

First to Lindsay whose debut as artistic advisor at Emanuel Ungaro, working alongside head designer Estrella Archs, was universally panned. My issue isn’t that the clothes were hideous – which they were. My problem is that a once venerable fashion house like Ungaro could just use a desperate quick fix trick of the celeb designer appointment to bring some publicity to the brand. And rather than just putting her face to the name, it turns out she might have had some actual involvement in the design process. The results were an ugly and endless heart motif, nipple pasties that also reappeared on the heads of models and damning reviews. A fashion house of Ungaro’s stature is not a line of leggings. They could have used LiLo in advertising or as a brand ambassador, not have her in some faux artistic role that includes having to take an awkward catwalk bow complete with tears (Lindsay’s) and a face like thunder (Estrella’s).

Meanwhile over in Milan, it seems the Italian fash pack still hasn’t gotten over its fascination with the boring BrIT girls. Front row at Dolce & Gabbana was the ubiquitous Peaches, alongside Alice Dellal, Daisy Lowe and fellow Class of 2008 alum, Portia Freeman. Already this year we have seen Pixie (looking a lot like Shakira) on the cover of Italian Vogue with the cover line "So young, so cool.” Peaches also turned up in March at the opening of the Extreme Beauty exhibition hosted by Vogue and D&G. It’s bad enough having to deal with them looking grumpy and getting thrown evil looks by Anna W at LFW. But taking it international is just more than I can handle. Ok so I may have been one of only 3 people who actually watched Class of 2008 but even I don’t need to see this lot front row or on the cover of Vogue. Poor Dolce thinks this new generation is "interesting" – hmm, I think I'll point him in the direction of Class of 2008 and the London Lite and see how quickly he changes his mind. The Italians need to find some new muses and let the clothes do the talking – the epic finale at Dolce & Gabbana with an army of models in corsets and lippy was powerful enough to hog the headlines on its own. NOK

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm seeing double, triple, quadruple.......

Although I am now officially a Londoner, I still have to keep up-to-date with all that is going down in the motherland. The elections, the leaving cert screw up and Amy Huberman’s wardrobe. In today’s Irish Times Amy talks to Deirdre McQuillan about her style and is pictured wearing a Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. You know, the orange one with the shoulders. The really nice one that’s unfortunately been ruined by its ubiquity. Peaches and Alexa have worn it, it’s been blogged about endlessly, even my other The Portmanteau half owns it. And that for me is the problem with high street/designer collaborations. Even before Matthew Williamson for H & M hit the shops, Mischa Barton had been pictured wearing every piece in the collection, thus rendering it completely unwearable. When I was a teenager, I used to get a thrill out of celebrities wearing the same clothes as me. Oh look, Natalie Appleton has my Warehouse top. But now I think that they just ruin them, robbing that Topshop dress of any sense of originality and exclusivity.

Perhaps it’s something that has been compounded by the Internet, its democratic nature means that everybody knows where you get your clothes and even your style references. It’s not a problem that is confined to the high street. I feel pretty much the same about Balmain jackets. I mean I could never afford one, but even if I could I’m not sure I’d want a jacket that’s been pictured so often. I’d feel that every time I’d wear it, people would be thinking, “Oh there goes that girl who wants to be Emmanuelle Alt”. And while that’s true, I do want to be Emmanuelle Alt, I don’t everybody to guess that by looking at my £3,000 denim jacket.

That said, how hot does Alexa look in the dress? Maybe I want one after all...... LE

Amy Huberman in the dress

Peaches in the dress

Alexa in the dress