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Friday, May 28, 2010

Excuse My Beauty

I’m not much of a beauty or make-up fanatic. Like I said a few posts ago, I’m a one man woman when it comes to cosmetics. I stick to my favourites for important stuff like foundation, liquid eyeliner and lipstick and then I rely on freebies for everything else (blusher, mascara, etc). Annoyingly, the free stuff is sometimes so good that I feel compelled to buy it after the sample has run out. How can I go back to Herbal Essences when I have discovered Aveda’s Shampure range? My hair smells so nice and it's really shiny. The lurid Herbal Essences bottles just look cheap and tawdry in the shower now. And that Dior mascara that I got in a goody bag makes my eyelashes look so long. Word of warning, though: Dior mascara is very effective at making your lashes look longer but it is not tear-proof. For somebody who cries twice daily (the circle line is delayed again, somebody said something vaguely mean to me at work, the news was really depressing, etc, etc) it is not always practical.

Anyway, the main point that I am trying to make is that there are several beauty products that I remain loyal to and I would like to share those with you now.

Mac Lady Danger Lipstick
This is my favourite red lipstick – matte and brash with orange-y undertones. It is not a ladylike red, rather a brazen, childish hue that messes up wineglasses with reckless abandon. A friend gave me the more grown-up Chanel Gabrielle as a birthday present recently so I will break her out when I am going for a posh dinner or to the theatre. For parties, though, I remain devoted to Lady Danger.

L’oreal Nutri Summer
I am very pale and I know that fellow pale people might decry me as a traitor for using fake tan but climb down from your oh-so-ivory tower and slap on some fake tan. Legs look better, arms appear thinner, short skirts are sexier. That’s the truth of the matter. And the thing with L'oreal Nutri Summer is that it is very subtle and you might not even guess that you have fake tan on at all. I swear. Other pale people say “No, no it always looks orange on me!” but honestly, if I can get away with it, anybody can.

Number 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish (Mint Choc Chip)
OK so this is actually a relatively new addition to my make-up bag but I love it so far. Two layers and you’ve got beautiful blue chip-free nails for a week. I hadn’t really bought into the whole manicure trend but if my nails look this good with £2.50 Number 17 polish on them, perhaps I should go the whole hog and get flags or interlocking Cs or whatever it is that people do emblazoned across them.

Clinique Super Defence
I am currently sans Clinique Super Defence moisturiser and it’s obvious. My skin just isn’t as nice. It’s redder and blotchier and there are more open pores and spots. I can’t tell you why Clinique works and I usually do agree with people who say “ There’s no point spending big money on over-priced beauty products” but you can’t argue with a reddish complexion and 5 extra spots, now can you? LE

Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Eyes

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I’ve been a terrible blogger. I was in LA for a lot of March and couldn’t seem to focus on any internet-related activities while there. When the sun is shining, it just seems a little ungrateful to stay holed up inside reading blogs and sending emails. And while I didn’t quite embrace the healthy hiking and gym lifestyle that LA is famous for, I did drink a lot of beer whilst wearing a bikini, an activity that is as rejuvenating and fulfilling as any mountain trek.

I also managed to fit in a trip to make-up and beauty emporium Sephora. When it comes to beauty products I’m a one man (or one foundation/lipstick/powder) kind of girl. Once I find a product I like, I remain slavishly devoted to it. I’ve had a completely monogamous relationship with Kat Von D eyeliner for over two years now. Kat Von D is, I gather, some sort of tattooed reality show star and while her image is pretty much the diametrical opposite of mine, I love her eyeliner so much that I will overlook the fact that the packaging conjures up pictures of Bombshell McGee and other Jesse James types.

This eyeliner goes on incredibly easy, making perfect little ticks and staying put for hours. Then it slides off with a gentle cleanser. Prior to discovering it, I had tried several more expensive and well-known brands but nothing came close for precision or staying power. It’s only available at American branches of Sephora though, so it is one of those things – along with Lucky Charms and Butterfingers – that you must request from US-based friends. LE