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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The News

So calling this post The News is entirely inaccurate. Nothing about this post is newsworthy or even current and up-to-date, rather it is a little collection of stuff from the internet that I have enjoyed recently.

First up is the Jezebel video that features Rachael Zoe saying “literally” about 500 times. Literally. Well not actually literally, but you know what I mean. Yeah, I sympathise. I say “literally” all the time too. When I hear it pop out of my mouth I acknowledge it and say, “Oh I just said literally – sorry,” thus adding about 6 extra words to my sentence and ensuring that people stop listening. But it’s a word I find hard to eradicate. Like “like”. And “whatevs”. There is hope though: when I was in school my friends and I got into the habit of saying “physically” out of context. “I am physically freezing.” “I physically really don’t want to go.” “I think I’ll just like physically ignore him until he actually gets the message.” Yeah, we were really annoying. Anyway, I never say “physically” anymore. Not even when it would be appropriate. So there you have it: it is possible to rid yourself of an annoying verbal tic. Behold the Zoe on Jezebel.

Fashion blogs tend to be sexless. Often bloggers post images of themselves enjoying their perfect day, which usually includes a cup of tea, a wander around some vintage shops and a perusal of a particularly nice coffee table book. It’s all very pleasant, which is fine, but you do sort of wonder if that really is anybody’s actual, like physical, idea of a perfect day. Like literally. Surely these people’s lives are more interesting than that. I mean I think they are; they just aren’t willing to blog about it. Understandably. But now – thanks to Miss V from Men I Wish I Hadn’t Slept With – we have a fashion insider who is willing to share all. I was alerted to this blog a couple of months ago by Harriet Walker from The Independent and in the intervening time, Miss V has begun to get some nice media attention. She’s been featured in the Indy and in Time Out. Miss V doesn’t really focus on fashion at all but she does raise important points that must be considered by those working in the fashion industry, the pros and cons of having sex with a male model, for example. As an overall read, it’s entertaining in the same way Bridget Jones was funny before she became the ultimate loser thanks to the movie: embarrassingly honest and easy to identify with whilst providing a little peek into the London media/fashion scene.

My favourite Mad Men-related story comes from No Good For Me, who played Fuck, Marry, Murder with the Sterling Cooper office. Laura Jane got to the heart of the matter when she said she would fuck, marry and murder Don Draper. Which makes sense. But then I also wouldn’t mind a bit of Roger Sterling or Ken Cosgrove. Hmm. Anyway, it’s a good game. LE

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Heart Betty

Mad Men series 3 starts on BBC 4 tonight and the papers and blogs have been all a flutter about it. Over at the Guardian they asked various media types, like Mariella Frostrup and Rory Sutherland, the vice-chair of Ogilvy, to decide which character they most relate to or aspire to be like. Check out the full list here.

I've always loved Betty. And it’s not just for her outfits. While pretty much all the girls who work on the show are beautiful, I find Betty the most attractive. I also find her the easiest to identify with, which might mark me as out a crazy person but really it’s true. I know a lot of people single Peggy out as somebody that they feel they could connect with, but she is way too controlled for me. Yes, we know she lost that control in one huge breakdown but the fact that she is able to compartmentalise her life so much is pretty alienating to me. Joan was too much of a simpering man-eater in series 1 for me to really engage with but I did think that her series 2 was much more interesting and her relationship with the doctor looks set to be nicely complicated. But, yes, back to Betty. Betty is the one I can imagine having afternoon drinking sessions with. Betty is the one I could go the beauty parlour with. And Betty has an innocence that is completely refreshing in a show crammed full of liars. OK so she treats her son badly and slept with a stranger in a bar and shot at some birds for no reason - the list goes on - but it’s all born out of a complex naivety that I think would be pretty easy to carry around if you’d married a cheating, lying (and incredibly handsome) man like Don Draper, while still in your early twenties. Basically I think we should be friends; I'm really jealous of Francine. And I know I said it wasn’t all about the outfits but, wow, they’re great. LE