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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Listen Up

It’s not the clothes that stop me from shopping on the high street – in fact my little River Island sundress that cost 25 quid garners as much praise as any of my more expensive pieces – but rather it’s the squish. The sweaty messiness of people trampling over me to get the last pair of size 7 espadrilles, the interminable wait at the fitting rooms and the tropical climate that means I have to take off all my clothes just to have a quick look around. But I could actually deal with all of this; I could grin and bear it if it weren’t for the music. The banging, tuneless so-called dance or techno that H & M and Mango pump out. Nope, sorry, that’s where I draw the line. I immediately retreat from the humid swamp of a high street store when aggressive trance blares from the speakers. Yes, I know that Urban Outfitters is overpriced but I can browse to the strains of Lady B. And over at Liberty what’s that I hear: ah yes a remix of Noah and the Whale’s Blue Skies. Perfect for trying stuff on to.

It’s not that I’m a snob though – just last week I was in my local Poundland (Quick aside: Poundland is amazing. Everything is a pound. Toffifee, kitchen paper, pregnancy tests, Pride and Prejudice on DVD. A POUND!) when I heard a song that sounded like a happier version of Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma. “What’s this amazing song?” I asked the checkout girl. “Dunno,” she shrugged. You don’t get great customer service when everything is a pound. But anyway my point is that if Poundland can manage to play decent music that makes me want to dance around the aisles then surely H & M can work on their playlist.

The peeps at Urban Outfitters are slightly more helpful than the Poundland staff and have put together a LSTN feature on their website where you can listen to the tunes they’ve been playing recently. And a girl who worked at Topshop lovingly collated a blog that featured the store’s playlists. She left Topshop last month and the blog is now defunct but it’s still worth having a quick look through. LE

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Olivier at Liberty

Last Thursday saw my favourite designer making an appearance at my favourite department store. Olivier Theyskens was in town to sign copies of his beautiful book, The Other Side of The Picture. Not really a Leona Lewis style book signing complete with punch ups, this was a more sophisticated soiree, hosted by Sarah Mower and attended by fashion names Roland Mouret, Lara Bohinc, Richard Nicoll and Nicholas Kirkwood. Oh and George Lamb. I haven’t been this excited for a celeb encounter since The Portmanteau cornered Mick Jagger at the Brown Thomas Fashion show when we were 14. I was the ultimate geeky fan but OT didn’t seem too freaked out by my enthusiasm. At least, he very kindly pretended not to be. He made sure to spell my name correctly (“ Pour Niamh, Love Olivier”) –you see, he loves me too - and going off to find photog Julien Claessens so he could also sign my book.

It seems the fashion world gets themselves into quite a state regarding the fate of this über talented designer, with rumours constantly swirling around him concerning his next move. But at Liberty, he was the calm at the centre of the intrigue, talking easily about his upcoming capsule collection for Theory out in September. When I first thought Theyskens + Theory, I was a bit worried. Gothic romance meets boring office wear? Hmmm, not sure about that. But he promised me it would be “very Olivier” and was looking forward to bringing his designs to the masses. For someone criticised in the past for not being in sync with economic pressures, he seemed very aware now of making his vision more attainable. And Theyskens genius at affordable prices? – sounds good to me. NOK

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Luella Does Liberty

Let's try and forget about the Bah Humbug news that Luella has ceased trading and instead take a trip to Liberty where Luella and her team have dressed the Christmas windows. Bypass the grotto which, although filled with lovely Liberty stocking fillers chosen by the designer, doesn't feel particularly Luella. The windows are the best I've seen this festive season (once I begin blaring Mariah's Crimbo classics and the Facebook event for the annual Holland Park Mansion bash has been created, I can officially say the festive season has begun). The first window has a Royal theme and is crammed with amazing kitsch memorabilia crap. The second recreates a typical seventies Christmas in incredible detail complete with the Queen's speech on the telly, half-eaten Brussels sprouts and Blue Nun on the table and one of those hairdresser heads that I always wanted as a child. Finally, we have Mr. and Mrs. Fox looking fine in their Alexander McQueen hunting threads. NOK

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liberty Belle

I love Liberty. Shopping there is like wandering around a Tudor manor owned by someone with the most exquisite taste. The stock is the best edited of all the London department stores and it's the only one that doesn't make me hot and bothered. No harsh lighting - just a calm shopping atmosphere and lots of wood panelling. Much nicer. The ground floor is the best - gorgeous coffee table books, afternoon tea and Cire Trudon candles. Heaven, basically. This season, there is another welcome addition - a Frederic Malle concession. Oh dear God, where do I begin? All their fragrances are phenomenal but French Lover is the ultimate. I swear, this stuff is unbelievable . One completely unattractive guy + one spray of French Lover = insanely hot. It could make even Ant "nice forehead" Mc Partlin seem attractive. (Sorry. I’m in a bit of a Britain’s Got Talent zone today, but soooo many points - how cute are 2 Grand? / why is Amanda Holden taking style advice from Katherine Jenkins? / how do Ant + Dec still have a career when they have no discernible talent?) And one more reason to visit Liberty at the moment - to see A.P.C's take on their iconic floral print. NOK