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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Advertising Fashion

Another day, another ad masquerading as a short film/piece of art/etc. Just a fortnight after the Audrey Tautou develops irrational crush on weird stranger whilst wearing Chanel on train film comes a Dior short featuring my other favourite French actress, Marion Cotillard. Marion is as beautiful and radiant as you would expect and the (former) production assistant/researcher in me applauds their Eiffel Tower location but I am not wowed by this offering, just as I didn't really enjoy the Chanel No 5 advert. The Lady Dior bag looks quite nice if you're into really expensive bags but I would have expected a more interesting piece from director Olivier Dahan, who also directed La Vie en Rose. I know that advertising is a wholly crucial cog in the fashion wheel and without it there would be no Vogue or other glossies (see the chapter on advertising in Hadley Freeman's The Meaning of Sunglasses), but I do think that there is room for creativity in this short film format. Take Somers Town, the Shane Meadows directed feature that derived most of its budget from the Eurostar, for example. OK so there is that awkward moment where the hard-drinking dad stops brawling to discuss the amazing train that goes under the sea or something, but otherwise you get a beautiful film examining teenage friendship starring the brilliantly talented, if not quite as photogenic as Audrey or Marion, Thomas Turgoose.

But maybe I'm just being naive and unrealistic as below are a couple of comments from the Chanel No 5 ad on YouTube.

its now officially my favorite commercial. it makes me really want to check this perfume out.

Aww. This is definately why I wear Chanel No5

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fashion Favourites of 2008

The end of 2008 is drawing near and I still can’t speak French, I still spend way too much money on lunches and I still can’t drive. In fact, I haven’t managed to keep a single New Year’s resolution. In my defence, I did try to learn how to drive but quickly aborted the idea when I wrote off my mother’s car by accelerating into a tree. I did go to French classes and you can’t blame me if the class’s progression was tortuously slow. And I did make a packed lunch. Once.

Along with ruminating over our failed resolutions, we’ve been thinking a lot about our favourite fashion people of 2008 recently. Over the next few days we will aim (I say aim because we’re very busy these days what with parties, present shopping and work) to bring you all of our '08 picks.

First up is our Favourite Fashion Moment 2008. And the winner is…..Carla Bruni Comes to London. Nobody had really mentioned Carla Bruni for a decade, save perhaps Barry Egan in the Sunday Independent, and then she marries Monsieur Sarkozy and she’s back on the front covers with a bang. Things reached a peak when the newly-wed couple visited London and Carla turned to John Galliano for some nice little outfits to wear on the trip. Out went her folk singer era jeans and bare feet and in came belted grey coats, little pillbox hats and boring chunky flats. It seems that Bruni thought that by dressing like a drabber Jackie O, she could detract from the nude photos and husband-stealing headlines that she is best known for.