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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Cheshire Cat

As a lady of leisure a.k.a. an unemployed person, I get to swan around day in day out, going for solitary walks interspersed with some magazine-reading, cupcake-eating or window shopping and so I am in a perfect position to bring you my expert guide to nice streets in London.

First up is Cheshire Street, a little street off Brick Lane. I went to Cheshire Street to check out the Comfort Station shop and I was not disappointed. The jewellery is beautiful but the shop itself is even prettier. A huge white owl is suspended over the window display, its impressive wingspan taking up most of the window. He’s for sale too but I’m not really sure how I’d feel about taxidermy in our little flat – a big dead animal calls for a proper space, not some table shoved up against a radiator strewn with drying underwear.

We could buy stuff for our house in Labour and Wait though, a gorgeous little shop just up the street, which somehow makes boring things like roasting trays and thermometers objects of beauty.

Across the road is the new Louis de Gama shop, a Portuguese-born London-based designer who has been supplying to boutiques (including the Irish Dolls and Kalu) for many years but just opened his own shop this March. His clothes are intricate creations of chiffon and leather, which are sexy and feminine but tough too. He also seems as obsessed with magazines as we are, especially those featuring early Kate Moss shoots. The shop walls are adorned with pictures of Kate torn from The Face, W and Vogue.

And at the end of Cheshire Street you’ll find famed vintage emporium Beyond Retro. LE

Louis de Gama Shop

Louis de Gama

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spoiled Brat

My Birthday

The good thing about birthdays is that you get lots of presents; the bad thing about birthdays is that some of the presents come in the form of vodka and tonics or bottles of Taittinger, which could lead to mishaps surrounding important electronic equipment. Yes, my camera is now memory card and battery-less after a birthday night out. And so instead of photographing my loot I've clumsily put together a Polyvore collage which includes my new Alex Monroe mushroom chain (a present from my mum), a Karen Walker sweatshirt dress and a Comfort Station inverted stag pendant (both from my boyfriend).

P.s. I hadn't heard of Comfort Station before, but a quick browse of their website means that I will be hotfooting it down to their beautiful Brick Lane shop, which stocks custom-made crockery as well as jewellery, as soon as I land in London. LE

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fit For a First Lady

Michelle Obama has chosen to shine the spotlight on some hitherto under the radar designers by showcasing their clothes on inauguration day and on the campaign trail. Jason Wu, Thakoon Pachigul, Isabel Toledo  - all names plucked from New Names to Watch articles in fashion magazines. Now rumour has it that US Vogue's Andre Leon Talley wants to get his hands on the new first lady. Anyone who remembers Jennifer Hudson's panned appearance at the Oscars styled by Talley in a bolero jacket that looked like it was made of tin foil would advise Obama to proceed with caution. Now that the whole world is watching, she should trust her judgement and follow her own instincts that have served her well so far. 

One of her most feted pre-inauguration appearances was at a bash thrown by Vogue and Calvin Klein in her honour. That would be enough to make the most seasoned fashion pro feel a tad intimidated but Mrs O took it in her stride - teaming a black tunic by Isabel Toledo with a statement necklace by jewellery genius Tom Binns. This endorsement has propelled the Belfast- born designer into the spotlight. 

I first noticed his work years ago in an old copy of American Vogue  - beautiful ornate necklaces and cuffs, dripping with clusters of pearls - like buried treasure discovered years later. Totally versatile and utterly irreverent, he treats both precious stones and fake gems equally. Binns loves to turn a cliche on his head: diamonds are not his best friend and less is definitely not more. I especially love his take on pearls - twisting their association with being ladylike and mixing them up in a haphazard, punk-rock way. 2009 looks like it will be an exciting year for the designer - as well as his gems making it into the jewellery box of a First Lady, his first store - a year long pop-up shop in New York's West Village  - is scheduled to open this spring.