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Friday, May 1, 2009

The News

Yes, we realise that swine flu is a big deal but there were a few other interesting, although admittedly not as important, stories in the news this week. First off SJP announced she is having twins. By a surrogate. Despite the fact that Matthew Broderick had an affair quite recently. Then it was reported that one of our favourite couples ever are splitting up. We’ve long been fans of Jarvis and one might think that we’d be glad to hear of his impending divorce from French stylist, Camille Bidault-Waddington, but even we are not that mean-spirited. And we almost liked C B-W as much as Jarv anyway – I mean, who can forget the girlish envy endured at seeing her hen party weekend pictures in Elle. That’s exactly what I want my hen to be like when I’m a French stylist and I’m marrying Jarvis Cocker, my eighteen-year-old self thought pathetically.

Alexa’s move to NY was explained by the announcement that she is to have her own MTV show which will be a replacement for the now defunct TRL. Again, that is something that my eighteen-year-old self would be incredibly jealous about. Over at the Guardian, Ed Westwick was interviewed by Hannah Pool, which actually upsets me as I prefer to imagine Chuck Bass as being a real person, who I might meet and possibly go on a date with some time, rather than a character played by a polite English boy. The Guardian also had an excellent article on punctuation and the over-use of exclamation marks that appealed to the TEFL-trained side of me, its paragraph on semi-colons being of particular interest. Semi-colons make me nervous (I am not 100% sure of the rules) so I was heartened to hear that Orwell deemed them unnecessary and omitted them entirely from The Clergyman’s Daughter.

Our top news story of the week though came from the Irish Times and was entitled Naas to See You. We’re from Naas, you see, so this article was of particular interest. The piece appeared in last Saturday’s Irish Times and focused on the Punchestown National Hunt Festival, which yet again is something that my teenage self was very into. Not because I had any particular interest in horse racing but because you got the week off school and the town came alive at night with fun activities such as pig racing and the carnival (that’s carnival in the Irish sense of the word as in bumper cars and candy floss). The carnival, however, wasn’t mentioned in the article. Instead it focused on classier joints such as Butt Mullins, the restaurant where my other The Portmanteau half and I celebrated our confirmation, and Emporium Kalu, the shop responsible for thousands of middle-aged Kildare women adopting the layered boho-chic look.

I am using swine flu as an excuse to post this picture of really cute pigs.