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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Away We Go

We had been considering abstaining from LFW this season. Not to sound ungrateful but sometimes it does get a bit much. Being so tired and stressed that you burst into tears in front of your boss (yes, that was my particular highlight of Spring Summer 09). And the flat does begin to resemble a hostel and everyone gets really cranky by the last day.

But in spite of our best efforts to resist, we found ourselves drawn into the circus. We have to admit it, the night before it all kicks off does feel a little like Christmas Eve. First stop on Day 2 was John Rocha at Somerset House – always a must see for The Portmanteau and we were ecstatic to see Henry Conway on the front row. The show was beautifully whimsical and romantic– high points were a parade of dresses with endless tiers of ruffles in peach, nude and turquoise (which reminded me a lot of Giles SS08's shredded leaf dresses ) and sheer blouses edged with pearls. It also featured some incredible structured bell-shaped dresses made of stiff crochet. A catwalk appearance from Iekeliene Stange and Claddagh-inspired crowns topped it all off. As ever with John Rocha, there was a great familial feeling at the show and lovely music, finishing up with a finale soundtracked by Beirut. NOK

Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Sloanes Wins

I'm guilty of buying a Christmas present for my sister, and promptly robbing it back. And it's the ultimate guilty pleasure. The original Sloane Ranger's Handbook came out in 1981 and introduced the worlds of your typical Sloanes - Caroline and Henry - to anyone who cared and it's absolutely hilarious. A Princess Di fan from birth, I read the always entertaining Tatler every month and am partial to a bit of Sloane style myself. A pearl earring here, a silk scarf there - although the overall effect is usually more Princess Anne than Diana Spencer.

The Sloane look is conservative and reassuring - like Sloanes themselves. Never high fashion, thus never out of fashion. It was a major influence for this autumn/winter season. Everywhere you look are the trademarks - tweeds, velvet, high-neck blouses, navy blazers, headscarves - all quintessentially Sloane. Head to Church's for the definitive brogues - solid and long lasting - no high-street knock offs, please - they're against nature and totally gucky, as the Handbook would say. Although she's more likely to be found at Bungalow 8 rather than roaming the Kings Road, with her Barbour jackets and loafers, it seems even our beloved Alexa has succombed to all things Sloane.

My favourite new generation Sloane has to be Henry Conway. Henry claims he doesn't fit into any category in the Sloane Ranger Handbook but crowns himself Queen Sloane. He dresses as a Regency dandy, rocks up to parties in a horse-drawn carriage and wrote a book on the history of knitting. I mean, what's not to love? He's the ultimate Hooray Henry. I must say, I was rather shocked to spot Master Conway at Circus on Friday night looking more low-key than usual. I fret that his new year's resolution might be to tone the Sloane down - come on Conway, we depend on you to keep the Sloane style alive.

D & G A/W 08 - Image from

Sunday, September 21, 2008

LFW Party Roundup

PPQ Apres Soiree at Vendome.

The soulless venue was matched by the soulless dance music played at this shindig. Things only began to look up when they turned on the 70s disco classics and Queen Jodie Harsh entered the club with he/she/its courtiers including chief jester, Henry Conway. Other Z list celebs of note: Lady Vicky Hervey in a Pucci-esque Elvis jumpsuit, Good Blake/Blake 2 aka Blake Wood who was keeping Wino company back in February, and Tim Burgess working the Playmobil man look and ruining our 90s indie boy fantasies with one pudding bowl hairdo. And of course, no party is complete without Henry Holland and a couple of Klaxons. Queen of the night was our homegirl Roisin Murphy giving it socks on the dancefloor - what a doll. Highlight for me - getting on down to Bryan Ferry's "Let's Stick Together" and leaving before I could hear the horrors spun by guest DJs Faris Badwan and co on the decks.