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Friday, October 22, 2010

The News

There has been a three-week break in blogging because I have started studying for a masters and my other The Portmanteau half has been busy with the day job. Never mind that we’ve been spotted in the pub, squeezed in trips to Dublin and managed to keep abreast of what was going down on The X Factor – we’ve been really busy, OK?

As part of my MA in journalism, I’ve been studying what news actually is and it seems that I may have been getting it wrong when I wrote about stuff like Rachel Zoe saying ‘literally’ all the time. Yeah, apparently that doesn’t actually constitute as news. Hmm. Well, anyway, I have other news I want to share with you now. Yeah okay not proper news but The Portmanteau-style news.

First up: Christa D’Souza has the same taste in men as me. Yeah, she wrote an article in this month’s Vogue on the subject of lust and mentioned her top three lust objects: “At the top of my list, in descending order, are the actor Michael Fassbender (see the sex scenes in Fish Tank), Nicholas ‘Skins’ Hoult and John Terry.”

I mean has she been reading The Portmanteau? Or my mind? OK so yeah MF is quite straightforwardly hot but admitting to fancying him in Fish Tank – well we thought we were the only ones when we wrote about that a year ago. And John Terry. I thought nobody fancied John Terry. Whenever I mention my crush on John Terry, people look at me with disdain. Well now I know that I’m not alone. As I’ve said before, he is quite simply, incredibly handsome. And Nicholas Hoult – yeah that’s very understandable. He’s got a lovely smile and always seems like a nice guy when I spy on him at parties.

For me this article just reinforces the point that Christa and I should be BFFs. And it seems like it struck a chord with more than just me as an extract was printed in last Saturday’s Times and the Daily Mail did a little piece on the article too.

Another girl who I should be BFFs with is actor/muse/girlfriend of Mark Ronson/generally cool French person Josephine De La Baume. I’ve often see her around at parties and shows and looked on jealously as she smiled and chatted to all her really stylish French acquaintances. I’ve stayed in the corner of the room munching on canapés as she’s glided about in clothes I can’t afford. But recently I came to notice her in a different light. I happened to be in a hotel she was checking out of, and I watched on (in true stalkery fashion) as she realised that she – or the hotel – had mislaid some very expensive clothes she’d borrowed. There was lots of checking and re-checking bags and desperate phone calls were made to staff who may have seen the dresses last. And in all of this, she remained calm. I mean I would have lost my temper. Well, actually, no I wouldn’t – I, like most people, only unleash my screaming temper tantrums on those who I love most in the world. Not random concierge staff. But I would have gotten tetchy. She, on the other hand, remained remarkably calm even though she was obviously concerned with how she’s just lost thousands of pounds worth of stuff. Celebrities are always nice in interviews but it was lovely to see somebody being so polite and easy-going when there was nobody watching. Well, nobody besides me. Incidentally, it all ended happily as the dresses turned up in the end. LE

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boys We Fancy

Obviously we’ve been fascinated by the Battle of the Milibands here at Portmanteau Towers. (Yes, Portmanteau Towers. I know we don’t have an office – like we barely manage a blog a week, hardly enough to warrant an office – but we do live together. In a kind of high-rise building. Well high-rise for somebody from Co. Kildare.) Anyway, yes we’ve been fascinated by the Milibands because, as we’ve mentioned in a previous Boys We Fancy post, we really fancy them. I mean the story is obviously intriguing even if you don’t have a crush on Ed and David but fancying them certainly does bring an extra dimension to our interest. We’re dead jealous of Gillian Duffy, aka The Rochester Bigot, who got to sit in on Ed Miliband’s speech today and is, according to the press association (via the Guardian), going for tea with him later in the week. But we have also been busy developing other, more mainstream, crushes recently.

Michael Buble

OK so everybody fancies Michael Buble. This was illustrated by the fact that 100,000 people went to see him play in Dublin’s Aviva stadium over the weekend. 100,000 people. Ireland’s tiny so that really is a massive proportion of Irish mammies. I like to think that I am drawn to “The Bubble” – that’s what we call him here at Portmanteau Towers (I should really drop this Portmanteau Towers thing) – for sophisticated reasons. Reasons that mark me as different from all the other screaming fans. But, yeah, basically I am the same as the rest of them. I think that ‘Haven’t Met you Yet’ is an incredibly catchy song and I like his smile. I am also strangely endeared by the fact that he seems to be a yo-yo dieter. One week he’s looking svelte on X Factor, the next (like literally the next) he’s looking porky on Graham Norton. But I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to feed him pickle sandwiches (his favourite).

Jon Hamm

I actually fancy Don Draper but obviously that relationship could only ever end in tears so I have decided to fancy Jon Hamm instead. Don Draper is a lying, deceitful cad with a drink problem, whereas Jon Hamm is a sensitive, committed guy who, according to an interview in the Observer, would have been a teacher if the acting hadn’t worked out. Cute. I mean obviously I still fancy Don Draper a bit more (who doesn’t love a lying alcoholic?) but Jon Hamm looks exactly like him and would be less likely to deceive you with a fake background and various affairs. Also – Jon Hamm is funny. Don Draper isn’t actually that funny. Jon Hamm’s funniness can be witnessed in an SNL skit he made with my other boyfriend Michael Buble. They run a restaurant called the Hamm and Buble Restaurant that only serves pork and champagne. You can't view the video over here but check it out if you're ever in America.

Tim Dowling

Tim Dowling is the perfect man. I know this because he writes a column about his life and his family and it all sounds perfect. Yes he could be lying but I don’t think he is. I think that his relationship with his wife really is that nice and that he actually does get into those very minor, easily solved and hilarious scrapes. He is also very handsome. Or at least his byline picture portrays a handsome, tanned man. And he’s American so his family get to go on amazing holidays and they could all get green cards if they ever tire of Shepherd’s Bush. OK so I know I’m coming across as a bit of a stalker now but he happily volunteers this information every Saturday so I feel that I am entitled to know. Here at Portmanteau Towers (last time I promise) we particularly like Tim Dowling’s take on Pop, the Swedish child whose sex hasn’t been disclosed. Having discussed how Pop’s parents never use personal pronouns, he goes on to explain how “Pop has a wardrobe that includes trousers and dresses, and Pop popself mostly decides what Pop is going to wear each morning.” And I just think that’s one of the cutest, funniest sentences ever. Pop popself. I would never have thought of that. LE

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boys We Fancy World Cup Special

Apologies are due. We have been off the radar for a really long time but in our defence, it has been really, really hot and the world Cup has been on. How we are supposed to concentrate on fashion when we are busy cultivating crushes on various World Cup participants?

Paul the Octopus
OK so Paul may not be the most traditionally handsome but what he lacks in good lucks, he makes up for in sybilline talent. How amazing would it be to have a boyfriend who could actually predict the future? A normal boyfriend, when drafted in to advise on a conundrum, suggests doing logical stuff like writing a boring list that “weighs up the pros and cons.” But I don’t know if the pros outweigh the cons. I can’t figure out if it’s best to stay or go. The lists just confuse me further and end up in angry, little crumpled piles. Paul could actually tell me what the right thing to do is. And anyway, I think he’s kind of cute. For an octopus. L

John Terry
John Terry is hot. It’s as simple as that. His many detractors claim that he “looks like a hedgehog” and is a “crap defender” but his lean body and crumpled face mean that he was one of the most handsome players taking part in the World Cup. OK he has a knackery hair-did but hello – makeovers are what being a girlfriend is all about. His pirate costume on recent trip to Disneyworld highlighted the fact that he has the potential to be devastatingly attractive when you take away the strip and the spitting. Alright, there is that “affair” with Vanessa Perroncel but she has told Grazia and FHM that “nothing happened” so I’m willing to overlook it. And yes, his parents have been in trouble with the police – dad Ted for dealing cocaine, mum Sue for shoplifting – but you can’t pick your family, eh? He's gorgeous. L

Joachim Löw
We were devastated to see Germany knocked out on Wednesday as this means no more drooling over manager Joachim Löw. For the entire tournament, he kept us swooning with his well-cut suits, retro mop and v-neck blue jumper. The trademark jumper was as much a star of the World Cup as the vuvuzela with German fans begging him to wear it believing it was a lucky charm for the team. I don’t know much about the jumpers’ talismanic qualities - all I know is Mr. Lurve looked damn good in it. The jumpers have flown off the shelves of Strenesse in Deutschland with everyone clamoring for the Löw look. But the ultimate Löw style follower is assistant Hansi Blick (best name ever) who mirrored his boss’s OF for every match. Aprés the World Cup, I can see Jogi ‘n Hans getting their own show on Living, a Deutsch version of Trinny and Susannah for men. N

Diego Maradona
If Löw brings the style to the touchline, then Maradona brings the crazy. From coke addict to tax dodger to almost dying six years ago, he staged a remarkable comeback at this World Cup. His campaign was endlessly entertaining, providing many moments and quotes to cherish. It began with him running over a photographer’s foot on the way to the Argentinian FA HQ to announce his team ("What an arsehole you are!How can you put your leg there where it can get run over?”). "When asked about his new beard he said "I grew it because my dog almost ate my mouth and left me a big scar."And who could forget his affectionate embraces for his players although The Portmanteau was relieved when he insisted "No! I like women! .. so people, don't think I've turned over." Such a pity Argentina won’t get to lift the Jules Rimet trophy– Maradona had promised to run naked through Buenos Aires if they had won. N

Monday, March 1, 2010

Boys We Fancy

Conan O'Brien
I have loved Conan since my other The Portmanteau half and I spent a summer working as chambermaids in a weird Mafia-run inn on Long Island. OK so the Mafia thing was only a rumour but if you heard the way the proprietress pronounced the word ‘blind’, you would believe it too. (“Girls you’ve gotta remember to clean the blooiinds!”) Anyway we were under 21 and broke so we spent most of our evenings watching TV rather than engaging in typical J1 pursuits like binge drinking and vandalism. American Idol (the first series) was followed by some local news and then Late Night With Conan O'Brien would come on and what can I say? I fell in love. And I’ve loved him ever since. Obviously I was on Team Coco as the war with Leno and NBC got underway and I actually cried at his gentle and dignified leaving speech. The thing is though that although lots of people “love” Conan, very few can claim to fancy him. “Really though, do you think you could actually... you know?” they ask, wincing. Yeah, totally, he’s hot. L

Declan from Leap Year
The Irish Times film critic Donald Clarke had warned that Leap Year “is offensive, reactionary, patronising filth” but we went along regardless. And yeah it’s crap. Ridiculous clichés abound as gombeen locals yell ‘top of the morning’ to each other and an entire village is nearly blown up after an American plugs in her fancy schmancy BlackBerry. But Matthew Goode is incredibly hot as hapless Dingle publican Declan. I mean let’s get some things straight: he cannot do the accent - he tries to do a traveller-esque brogue but his own posh Rs keep creeping in so he just sounds like some poor unfortunate with a speech impediment – and the character is kind of a loser. But yeah despite all that, we fancy him. The Oh-God-I-am-so-sad-I-fancy-a-romcom-lead moment happened somewhere around the middle of the movie when is forced to don a big farmer jumper (hot) and kill a chicken with his bare hands (also weirdly hot). And so I guess we’ll go along to A Single Man to catch Goode in an actual proper, well-made, fashionable film but I just don’t think that he’ll have the same appeal once he’s clean-shaven. L

The Miliband Bros
It may end up being the battle of the brothers when it comes to the next Labour leadership contest but the only battle that really matters is for the title of hottest brother. Am I crazy? Maybe not. The "David Miliband is Hot" page on Facebook has 97 members. Wow – impressive. They are total geeks – Miliband Snr’s nickname is Brains – but that has never stopped me before (see previous posts on David Mitchell and Moss from the IT Crowd). I have formidable competition for David's affections in the form of Hillary Clinton who was gushing over him in a recent US Vogue interview, calling her colleague “vibrant, vital, attractive and smart”. I totally agree Hills. I'm also fascinated with his hair. It’s Action Man-esque and truly weird. But I think Ed has to win this battle: for his impassioned performance in Copenhagen, which was in total contrast to David’s withering reaction to the attempted coup to oust my other beloved Gordon Brown, and for being just a tad hotter. N

Zac Goldsmith
On the other side of the political divide is Zac Goldsmith. He hit the headlines again recently with the Sunday Times claiming that his donations to the Tories were “improperly registered” - sounds dodgy to me. Zac is a bit of scoundrel alright - this story follows on from accusations that he’s buying his seat in parliament and claiming non-dom status on his estimated £220m. Let’s not forget that he also cheated on his lovely organic wife Sheherazade with his sister in law Alice Rothschild. He denied it of course, claiming they were simply planning a charity poker event. Yeah sure Zac. There are many reasons not to like this guy but he‘s just so golden and gorgeous that I try and ignore them. N


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The News

Lara Stone is on the cover of this month’s Vogue and in the accompanying interview she talks about her battle with alcoholism and how she spent 4 weeks in Rehab this year. When we saw her at the Mulberry party at LFW, we did remark that she looked rather serious and sober, but this revelation would seem to explain her abstemious attitude. Also at that party was David Walliams – no surprises there as Walliams loves a good fashion bash – but here’s the surprise: according to the Daily Mail website, the pair have been "have been spending nights together watching TV and going out for secret dinners around London” and are “head-over-heels in love”. WTF? Okay I could deal with David Walliams sleazing on Abi Titmuss and Patsy Kensit, but Lara Stone aka the prettiest girl in the world?! This is the weirdest couple ever. I know that pretty girls often go for funny guys but why didn’t she choose Noel Fielding or my other The Portmanteau half’s crush, David Mitchell. Okay yeah I guess that would be pushing it. That would be the weirdest couple ever.

In other news, Suri Cruise has totally lost it. This time last year, we were so into her. I was obsessed with her little dresses and even cut my hair into a Suri-esque bob. But yeah we’re over it. Sorry Surs, but leggings under dresses are so 2 years ago and the freaking out in the ice-cream parlour incident was so not cool. In fact we have coined a new phrase – Pulling A Suri – which basically means that you go nuts/start crying uncontrollably for no particular reason. I’ll put that into a sentence for you: I was walking down Holland Park Avenue and a bus splashed me and then a cyclist shouted at me and I totally lost it and started bawling; basically I pulled a Suri. LE

Lara Stone in December's Vogue

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boys We Fancy

Going to the dentist isn't top of my fun-things-to-do list but it is made easier by the fact that I totally fancy dentists. Not all dentists, but, eh, most of them. Maybe because they’re strict or maybe because when I was twelve, I had an operation to remove a supernumerary (that’s fancy for extra) tooth and the dental surgeon was really handsome and – perhaps because of the general anaesthetic, perhaps because of the onset of puberty – became a kind of paradigm of male attractiveness. Most dentists are probably really boring, but when you’re lying back in the chair they seem smart and actually hot, albeit in a Jeremy Paxman way. L
(There are no Google images that successfully illustrate the concept of a hot dentist. Just imagine it.)

David Mitchell
I’m about five years behind the rest of the world when it comes to Peep Show having watched an ep for the first time last week. It was a revelation and since then I’ve been going around saying “You must check out this Peep Show” like I’ve just uncovered some obscure, underground arthouse oddity. I don’t know why it took me so long because I majorly fancy David Mitchell. The love affair began with his Observer columns and then only increased with his appearances on Who Do You Think You Are? and infinite panel shows. There are lots of drawbacks – he enjoys watching snooker, has a bad back and lives in an ex-council flat in Kilburn that he himself describes as “shit” and “a dump”. Hilarious and socially awkward, he’s my perfect man even though he does seem to be in competition with Stephen Fry to be crowned ultimate media whore. N

James Franco
James Franco’s films – Spiderman, Tristan and Isolde, The Holiday – meant that he remained under my radar for a really long time. It wasn’t until Pineapple Express that he caught my attention and then I made up for lost time by researching/Wikipedia-ing like crazy. Yeah, so he’s perfect. He holds a degree in English from UCLA and goes to graduate school at Columbia (creative writing) and NYU (film studies). It did occur to me that his Gucci campaign was kind of selling out but if Frida Giannini offered me a gig like that I would obv take it. Plus MFAs at Columbia and NYU aren’t going to pay for themselves, you know. Anyway he totally makes up for it by gently making fun of the ads. (See video.) L

Michael Fassbender
I have nothing really to say about Michael Fassbender except that he’s incredibly hot and probably the first person I’ve nominated for a Boys We Fancy post who is conventionally attractive and not some variety of social misfit. I have to admit that I even kind of fancied his character in Fish Tank even though it felt so wrong. He’s the archetypal charming, rugged Irish man, the type who only seems to exist in Guinness ads, a man who can swim from Ireland to New York via our hometown of Naas and its beloved motorway ball. N

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys We Fancy

OK so our choices may not always be popular - apparently nobody else sees the Gordon Brown thing - but we won't allow your disparaging comments cloud our lusty vision.

Jean Jacques de Gucht
His name might mean nothing to you, but trust me on this one. On my last visit to Antwerp, I was watching some Flemish version of Newsnight when the sight of this Michael Pitt / Taylor Hanson hybrid (that’s a good thing, I can assure you) made me sit up and take notice even though I didn’t understand a word he was saying. It turns out he was some politician’s son, running in some election…and before you know it, I had become his fan on Facebook. I have always had a thing for scions of political dynasties, starting as a child with my JFK Jnr phase so this particular obsession makes perfect sense. N

Dominic West
I don't watch The Wire. Sorry, sorry, I hear it's amazing and I'll buy the box set soon, I promise. Actually I don't think I have ever seen Dominic West in anything, save those virals where he tries to convince me to buy instant coffee by reading aloud a relatively boring passage from Lady Chatterley's Lover, but I really fancy him. He's totally gorgeous (and probably the most mainstream crush I've ever had) but one of my main reasons for lusting after him is his interview technique. He says silly stuff that he doesn't really mean and then his spokesperson has to issue statements reassuring us that his remarks were taken out of context and it's just all such a lovely relief from bland Hollywood interviews. He lives in Shepherds Bush so I've taken to hanging round the green and adjacent pound shops in the hopes of bumping into him but no luck so far. L

Moss from the IT Crowd is the chicest of geeks - he wears too short trousers worn too high, clip-on ties, check shirts and is socially inept. He still lives with his mum and we have her to thank for his signature look as she dresses him and styles his amazing hair. He struggles to communicate with anything other than his computer but that doesn’t make him anything less than insanely attractive to me. Once I spotted actor Richard Ayoade outside Liberty and I got very over-excited but alas, he wasn’t in Moss mode so I could restrain myself from adopting full-on stalker behaviour. Forget about Kate, it’s this Moss who is the true style icon. N

Michael Schoeffling
Michael Schoeffling is the man of my childhood dreams. He played Jake in the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles and popped up opposite Gabrielle Anwar in some Disney movie about a horse but the role that really secured him a place in my heart is that of Joe in Mermaids. He's actually quite wooden in the movie and even comes across as a little stupid but I still totally understand why Winona's character Charlotte fancied him so much. His boring fond-of -fishing personality is the perfect foil to the neurotic Charlotte who dreams of becoming a Catholic saint in much the same way as I fantasised about converting to Judaism in secondary school. He probably shouldn't have slept with her because she's fifteen and he's twenty-something but maybe things were different in the sixties. Michael Schoeffling himself seems to have realised that acting wasn't his strong point and abandoned it in 1991 in favour of a career in carpentry, following in the footsteps of other manly and trustworthy types: Aidan from Sex and the City and Joseph of Nazareth. L

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boys That We Fancy

The Grey Gardens meets Ab Fab mess that we predicted is now our reality. We live together in a tiny flat with shoddy carpentry, surrounded by discarded newspaper supplements and empty sparkling wine bottles. We spend our evenings compiling lists of boys we fancy and eating biscuits.

Piers Morgan
We only watched one episode of Britain’s Got Talent but that was all it took for us to develop huge crushes on Piers Morgan. It took us about a week to finally admit it (first to ourselves and then to each other) but we are now so proud of our paramour that we bought three of his books on Amazon the other night. Problem is he seems really into his perfect girlfriend Celia Walden and even if we got by her, we’d have SuBo to contend with.

Gordon Brown
OK he's the most unpopular person in Britain at the moment but our embarrassing crush on this particular PM just won't go away. Where other people see incompetent and crumbling, we just see an aloof brooding Heathcliff-type. Women ministers are abandoning him in droves but that just means there's less competition for his affections. Let's just say we won't be joining the WAGs (women against Gordon) anytime soon.

Chuck Bass
OK so Chuck has appeared on our previous Boys That We Fancy list but it would be unfair to exclude him from this one on those grounds. Maybe his Gossip Girl storylines have become a little fantastical but the news that he is to play Heathcliff more than makes up for that. As has previously been noted, The Portmanteau does not fancy Ed Westwick. Just Chuck Bass.

Tom Guinness
The new Burberry campaign for AW 09 was launched today fronted by Emma Watson. We have always found the Harry Potter actress a tad bland and underwhelming and can't really fathom the fashion world's interest in her. But the campaign is saved by the presence of yummy aristo Tom Guinness and his amazing cheekbones.

Andy Samberg
Andy is hot and hilarious, which is the ultimate combination. The only problem is that his girlfriend is harpist babe Joanna Newsom and we can't really compete with her as we love her too much. The Portmanteau was shocked when it first learned of their relationship - we thought she lived in a tower in a medieval town, drank mead and NEVER spoke to boys. How wrong we were.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Show us some ankle, love....

Right, so it’s the big V day this Saturday and time to start wracking your brains for present ideas for the man in your life. Or not – I never buy my Valentine anything despite expecting a generous gift, but for those of you who do and providing your boyfriend is capable of carrying off a fashion-forward trend, then ankle skimming trousers are the only way to go. I first wrote about them when I discovered menswear designer, Thom Browne, in LA last November, and since then these beauties have been cropping up everywhere. I even spied a pair in H & M recently. There are lots of dapper Italians working the look over at The Sartorialist at the moment, but a word of warning: do not attempt to give a pair to those men who wear novelty socks or bad shoes as the look depends on footwear. Then again, if your significant other is a fan of novelty socks, you probably shouldn’t reward him with any presents at all.

Images from The Sartorialist

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dressing Appropriately

I'm off to the Ireland v France game in Croke Park later and am desperately trying to find a suitable outfit. It's going to be cold so that means thermal vests and long johns (yes, I actually own a pair of thermal long johns) but I must bear in mind that there is a slim chance I'll bump into Sebastian Chabal aka The Caveman, with whom I am in love, and so I don't want to look too frumpy. I'm thinking furry snow boots are in order but I have an invitation to an after-game soiree and the invite says smart casual dress is required. I know I should wear a hat to keep warm but the only one I can find is a red beret and maybe that would be unpatriotic. Aagh, it's a sartorial minefield.

Dressing for this morning's Fashion Bloggers' Brunch posed its own problems because I was turning up to a room full of people in the fashion know, but at least the luxurious surroundings of The Clarence ensured that I didn't have to worry about the elements. All the wooden steps do mean that very high heels should be avoided - I came to that conclusion after the second stumble. I'm also coming to learn that smock dresses are a good idea at the FBB given the amount of food one consumes - pastries, eggs, salmon, roast beef, fancy cheeses and champagne all featured in today's spread. One thing I don't have to worry about is buying any make-up for the forseeable future. Clarins very kindly provided a generous goody bag stuffed full of fancy products like a lipgloss that "magically creates instant colour on application" and a blusher that assures "your face instantly lights up with a flawless, natural, healthy-looking glow". If I do bump into Chabal, he's sure to fall for my magical lips and flawless complexion.

Fancy Clarins Loot

Thursday, January 22, 2009

From Hell

One of the joys of living in London is that there is always someone crashing on your couch and dragging you along to tourist attractions that you would never consider visiting under normal circumstances. For reasons I cannot fathom, some of my friends have a peculiar fascination with anything horror related so in the past couple of months, I have had the privilege of experiencing such delights as the Jack the Ripper walking tour and the London Dungeons. The latter in particular was a hellish day out - not in a scary sense, more so hellishly rubbish. I now have an in-depth knowledge of all the gory happenings that went down on the mean streets of Spitalfields hundreds of years ago. Lucky me.

All of my tour guides neglected to mention how Alexander McQueen is supposedly descended from Jack the Ripper himself. Now this piece of trivia would have made me slightly more interested in what they had to say. McQueen returned to his East End roots this week with his latest menswear collection in Milan. The show was brimming with 19th century horror, evoking demon barbers and murderous butchers. As always with McQueen, the staging was spectacular and the tailoring impeccable. The runway was lined with street-lamps and stalked by sinister dandies brandishing canes. The clothes themselves were both beautiful and wearable - lots of sharp suit jackets, fitted camel coats and tweed trousers. Let's gloss over the codpieces and breastplates, shall we?

                                       Images from

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boys That We Fancy

People magazine recently crowned Hugh Jackman Sexiest Man Alive 2008, which I just don’t get. I actually don’t think that I’ve ever seen one of his films but I gather from his People interview that he’s Australian and unusually muscular so that’s enough to put me off. Michael Phelps also makes the list so I don’t think People were taking things very seriously. Anyway, here’s our Boys That We Fancy 2008 list. (Yeah we’re kind of obsessed with end-of-year lists this week).

Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw or Grimmy to his mates (and to us) is a DJ, we think. We’ve seen him on the decks at parties and he also pops up on our telly sometimes so I think he has that covetable job of DJ/whatever. He’s not the best-looking in the traditional sense but his soft squishy cheeks are pretty adorable and he just seems really nice and down-to-earth and like he might actually consider going out with you. The only downside would be his posse of really annoyingly pretty friends-that-are-girls. We’d get insecure at the prospect of him hanging out with Aggy, Alexa or Alice Dellal but I guess that’s the price you pay for going out with a DJ/whatever.

Ole Scheeren
Architects are hot – the job is creative and yet requires a kind of masculine good-at-maths-ness that we just don’t possess – and Ole Scheeren is the hottest architect of them all. We admire his stunning work, such as the Scotts Tower in Singapore, but most of all we admire his amazing bone structure, imposing stature and well-cut suits. Marriage rumours surround him and long-time girlfriend, actress Maggie Cheung, but she’s been quick to dispel them so hopefully that means we’re still in with a shot.

Jarvis Cocker
We’ve fancied Jarvis since his earliest Pulp days and luckily for us, he hasn’t changed much in the intervening years. The trademark corduroy jackets and glasses are still present and the lyrics from his latest album, Jarvis, are as intelligent and eccentric as any of Pulp’s offerings. He’s been off the market since his 2002 marriage to French stylist, Camille Bidault-Waddington, but that just makes us fancy him more. The thought of him taking his little son Albert for walks on the cobbled streets of Paris is just too hot to handle.

Chuck Bass
I would like to make it clear that I do not fancy Ed Westwick (who incidentally is number 7 on People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2008), who plays Chuck Bass, but I am madly in love with the character. Yes, I know that he wears too much make-up in season 1, I know that his thighs are a little chunky and I know that he’s an unscrupulous womaniser but I still adore him. Chuck is the best-dressed man on television and he is the inspiration behind the silk scarves that litter men’s shops this season. He was initially only supposed to be a minor character but has developed into an integral GG player and hopefully there is even more of Chuck to come in season 2.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blame Chuck Bass

Usually I feel quite lucky to be a girl - we get to wear dresses, high heels and make-up - but recently I've been becoming increasingly obsessed with menswear. I suppose my fascination with menswear began around the same time as my love affair with GG's Chuck Bass. Never has the word dapper been so appropriate and I would choose his outfits over Serena's or Blair's any day. The boys here in LA are generally not quite as well-dressed as Chuck - there are a lot of flip-flops and Ed Hardy (don't get me started) accessories - but the menswear in Fred Segal and Opening Ceremony is absolutely beautiful. I haven't quite figured out who buys these amazing clothes (besides the shop assistants and maybe some out-of-towners) but I know if I had the money I would snap them up.

Thom Browne
is one of the menswear designers stocked at Fred Segal and I have completely fallen in love with his cardigans. They are made of beautiful grey cashmere and have a blue, white and red trim. At over $1800, they are three times the cost of my flight and therefore a little too expensive to bring home to the boy but maybe I could try to justify it by saying that we would both wear it! Browne's tiny blazers and ankle-skimming trousers are also on my if-I-were-a-boy wish list. Opening Ceremony has gorgeous Raf Simons for Fred Perry t-shirts and the Opening Ceremony own label jackets in hues of grey and beige are perfectly autumnal.

Luckily, both stores also stock Boy, Band of Outsiders' sister line. Boy is for girls who want to dress like dapper boys and I want everything in the autumn/winter collection. The shrunken blazers, the crisp shirts, the corduroy trousers, the lot!

Michelle Williams in Boy

Thom Browne

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Celeb Clothing Line

Bryan Ferry is the latest celebrity to express an interest in launching a clothing line, claiming that if Diddy can do it, then so can he. I’ve long been a fan of Ferry – his cameo appearance as Mr. Silky String in Breakfast on Pluto was perfectly creepy and I heart his floppy hair. There was a little hiccup when he got dropped by Marks and Spencer for making some inappropriately enthusiastic comments about the Nazi aesthetic. And he did get so drunk at a recent awards ceremony that he had to be escorted offstage. And his son is currently embroiled in a perverting the course of justice scandal. But I can forget about all that because Byan Ferry has style. And I fancy him. I don’t know why I fancy him – he seems quite arrogant and I’m not the biggest Roxy Music fan – but I really do. I think it’s the way Jerry Hall left him so publicly for Mick Jagger, thereby exposing a more vulnerable side to Ferry. I know that was back in the ‘70s and he’s probably over it by now but it’s still endearing.

Anyway, if and when Bryan Ferry does launch a clothing line, I’ll be the first in line. My dad and boyfriend had better get used to the white shirts, skinny ties and sports jackets that are sure to appear in a Bryan Ferry collection, because that’s what they’ll be getting for every Christmas and birthday to come.