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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm on Vacation

I've relocated to LA - it's only a holiday - but I like to pretend that I've moved here. It's something I do whenever I go abroad - I do so much nerdy research that people presume I'm making a permanent move - why else would she need to know the annual rainfall figures or the average rent, they ask themselves. I've been wandering around in a jet-lagged haze for the last two days so I have yet to really take things in but I like what I've seen already.

I love the sense of opportunity that is so present in LA. You get the feeling that there's a party waiting to happen, a deal waiting to be made, a celebrity waiting to be spotted around each corner. One thing that certainly is waiting for you around each and every corner is a newsstand heaving with goodies - magazines are so easy to come by in this town and not just the trashy weeklies but all the good ones too. Lula, W, Nylon and all the other favourites are readily available which is such a lovely change from Dublin. And of course, I adore the food. Portions are huge, sugar abounds and you can make all the special requests you want. Could I get that without the pumpkin seeds but with croûtons and instead of the Caesar dressing, could I get Ranch and could I get that on the side? Yes, of course and have a nice day! Wow. Loves it.

LA style seems to be just as you'd expect - there are lots of leggings, flip-flops and denim cut-offs. There are the usual shops that we know and love - Urban Outfitters and American Apparel - but I look forward to discovering the little boutiques and vintage stores where the real treasure is found. Getting around without a car is a little tricky but I'm getting used to the bus and my crazy friends, like the man with the twigs in his hat or the lady who keeps shouting "horrible bus driver" each time the bus stops.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The High Street

So American Apparel is apparently coming to Dublin. The store is set to open on Grafton Street some time before Christmas, which is a huge relief to those that have been buying their lamé leggings online or stocking up whenever they go abroad. Shopping for basics like well cut t-shirts and nice vests can be difficult in Dublin, so American Apparel is a very welcome addition to our retail landscape.

And while we are against globalisation and the homogenisation of our high streets there are a few more shops that our fair city could do with.

Krispy Kreme Donuts – Yes, it means that due to weight gain we would look a bit obscene in our lamé leggings but they are just so deliciously sweet and soft and moist and amazing.

Space NK – Belfast has one so why don’t we? Ok, we couldn’t afford to shop there on a regular basis but it would still be nice to know that there is somewhere to buy Dr. Hauschka rose day cream and Kiehls blue astringent and lots of other lovely stuff for those days when Boots own brand just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Whole Foods – Yes, we are obsessed with food but at least Whole Foods is kind of healthy. Whole Foods is way posher than Marks and Spencer could ever hope to be with little rooms dedicated to cheese and the best salad bars ever. It’s an American chain but there’s one in London now. When will it be our turn?