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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

LA Luxury

While in LA, I've been enjoying the finer things in life - lunch at Asia de Cuba at The Mondrian, cocktails at The Peninsula and some of the best cakes ever at Sprinkles in Beverly Hills and Joan's on Third. All of this luxury is a far cry from the Spar sandwiches and cheesy beans on toast dinners that I enjoy in Dublin and I feel the need to adjust my wardrobe accordingly. The beautifully crafted Cloud Cake (an amazing creation consisting of a cupcake topped with marshmallow and coated with chocolate) at celebrity haunt Joan's on Third deserves a special outfit but in keeping with my new penchant for luxury, I don't want to just hit H&M or Urban Outfitters and pick the first cute dress I see.

Instead, I want something whimsical and unique to match my frothy cocktails and fancy confectionery and I've found the answer in Miss KK's amazing feather necklaces. Miss KK is an LA-based designer whose handmade creations instantly transform a plain black dress into something infinitely more exciting. She doesn't have any European stockists yet but is in talks with people in London and Paris. In the meantime, you can buy the necklaces from Miss KK directly on her website and she ships worldwide.

Cupcakes at Joan's on Third

Miss KK's Feather Necklaces

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blame Chuck Bass

Usually I feel quite lucky to be a girl - we get to wear dresses, high heels and make-up - but recently I've been becoming increasingly obsessed with menswear. I suppose my fascination with menswear began around the same time as my love affair with GG's Chuck Bass. Never has the word dapper been so appropriate and I would choose his outfits over Serena's or Blair's any day. The boys here in LA are generally not quite as well-dressed as Chuck - there are a lot of flip-flops and Ed Hardy (don't get me started) accessories - but the menswear in Fred Segal and Opening Ceremony is absolutely beautiful. I haven't quite figured out who buys these amazing clothes (besides the shop assistants and maybe some out-of-towners) but I know if I had the money I would snap them up.

Thom Browne
is one of the menswear designers stocked at Fred Segal and I have completely fallen in love with his cardigans. They are made of beautiful grey cashmere and have a blue, white and red trim. At over $1800, they are three times the cost of my flight and therefore a little too expensive to bring home to the boy but maybe I could try to justify it by saying that we would both wear it! Browne's tiny blazers and ankle-skimming trousers are also on my if-I-were-a-boy wish list. Opening Ceremony has gorgeous Raf Simons for Fred Perry t-shirts and the Opening Ceremony own label jackets in hues of grey and beige are perfectly autumnal.

Luckily, both stores also stock Boy, Band of Outsiders' sister line. Boy is for girls who want to dress like dapper boys and I want everything in the autumn/winter collection. The shrunken blazers, the crisp shirts, the corduroy trousers, the lot!

Michelle Williams in Boy

Thom Browne

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm on Vacation

I've relocated to LA - it's only a holiday - but I like to pretend that I've moved here. It's something I do whenever I go abroad - I do so much nerdy research that people presume I'm making a permanent move - why else would she need to know the annual rainfall figures or the average rent, they ask themselves. I've been wandering around in a jet-lagged haze for the last two days so I have yet to really take things in but I like what I've seen already.

I love the sense of opportunity that is so present in LA. You get the feeling that there's a party waiting to happen, a deal waiting to be made, a celebrity waiting to be spotted around each corner. One thing that certainly is waiting for you around each and every corner is a newsstand heaving with goodies - magazines are so easy to come by in this town and not just the trashy weeklies but all the good ones too. Lula, W, Nylon and all the other favourites are readily available which is such a lovely change from Dublin. And of course, I adore the food. Portions are huge, sugar abounds and you can make all the special requests you want. Could I get that without the pumpkin seeds but with croûtons and instead of the Caesar dressing, could I get Ranch and could I get that on the side? Yes, of course and have a nice day! Wow. Loves it.

LA style seems to be just as you'd expect - there are lots of leggings, flip-flops and denim cut-offs. There are the usual shops that we know and love - Urban Outfitters and American Apparel - but I look forward to discovering the little boutiques and vintage stores where the real treasure is found. Getting around without a car is a little tricky but I'm getting used to the bus and my crazy friends, like the man with the twigs in his hat or the lady who keeps shouting "horrible bus driver" each time the bus stops.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trick or Treat

It’s the 15th of October which gives me just over two weeks to plan one of the most important outfits of the year – my Halloween costume! I will be in LA for Halloween and that means the pressure is on. Halloween is huge over there – as big as Christmas – and I don’t intend to let the side down with a black sack and a few false fangs (my childhood costume of choice).

The biggest question when it comes to Halloween costumes is whether to go slutty or not and I think it’s pretty obvious that most girls go slutty – slutty nurse, slutty devil, slutty cat, slutty whatever. Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to unleash our inner slut and wear stockings, lots of makeup and cleavage enhancing underwear that we are usually too demure to even think about.

But for some reason, this year I keep coming back to the least slutty costume of them all – a nun. Nuns have become a fascination for me recently, one that was reinforced by the fabulous Autumn issue of Pop with the six different covers and the incredibly beautiful nun-themed shoot within. But these "nuns" were some of the most gorgeous women in the world and a few wimples isn’t enough to dampen that. I fear that, on me, the nun outfit might be overwhelmingly unsexy but then that could be fun too – being the only girl in Hollywood who isn’t showing leg.

I think I’ll wait and see. There will be a few parties to go to over Halloween so I might be a nun one night and give in to my secret desire to dress like a slut on the others.

Nun Natalia styled by Muiccia

Sister Audrey