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Monday, September 13, 2010

The News

Usually the day after a big bash, when all the best celebs have been trussed up by whichever designer whose store opening or show they’re attending, my other The Portmanteau half and I spend the morning sending emails about just how “crap”, “ridiculous” and “overdone” everybody looked. Not so last Thursday after the Chanel boutique opening in NY. Hosted by Karl Lagerfeld, obvs, the event attracted Alexa, Diane Kruger, Rachel Bilson, the Gossip Girls - basically all the peeps you’d expect. And everybody looked amazing. Blake Lively had, thankfully, put away her cleavage for the night and opted for a sparkly lilac and silver dress that was so different – and so much better – than the poor man’s Sienna/slightly slutty looks she usually goes for. Alexa actually smiled in a photo and reminded me of just how beautiful she is. But Diane Kruger – Lagerfeld’s muse – must take the prize for best dressed of the evening. The ruffles, the little boots, the hair (hairband included) – I loved it all. The only dud was Claire Danes who looked like a typical WASP in her mumsy jeans and jacket combo and her too-perfect honey-coloured hairdid. But I guess the weird thing about Danes is that she is, by her own admission, a WASP. She was born to affluent yet creative parents and attended the Dalton School so it sort of makes sense that there she is, turning up to Manhattan openings in Chanel jackets. It’s just strange to think of Angela Chase – who Danes portrayed beautifully in the best TV show ever (well besides Mad Men, Come Dine With Me and Sex and the City) My So-Called Life – heading off to the manicurist and booking bi-monthly touch-ups at the hair salon at Bergdorfs. Angela Chase’s dyed red hair, pale skin and oversized plaid shirts continue to be a style influence sixteen years on and is perhaps a look that the über-groomed Danes could do with channelling.

New York grooming is the subject of an article in this month’s Vogue. Vicky Ward writes about how, after moving to New York from London, she abandoned the opaque tights she was so reliant on and opted for all-year-round waxing and fake tanning so as to show off her legs in cocktail dresses, even when Central Park was enveloped in snow or the rain was pouring down on City Hall. And, yeah, I get it. I mean I love the easiness of tights; I love how your skirt can be indecently short and it doesn’t matter because you have two pairs of 80 denier on. I love tights for their cosiness, their forgiving nature as they bundle and pack up your flesh. But I also think New Yorkers are right: tanned, toned, bare legs are infinitely sexier and compliment most dresses far better than their covered up counterpart. As Ward points out, “many of autumn’s trends just don’t work with tights.”

Alexa – who divides her time between New York and London – has obviously picked up on the NY attitude to tights because I can’t remember the last time she was spotted in a pair. Carey Mulligan – US Vogue’s October cover girl – highlighted the differing attitude that Londoners have to tights when she turned up the Met Ball in a pair. Nobody turns up the Met Ball in tights - well actually Winona Ryder did two years ago and looked terrible – but nobody else. The Met Ball is a place for glamour and unachievable muscle tone and silly LED dresses; it is not an event for dull types who have boring concerns like feeling the cold or inadvertently showing their knickers. And by wearing tights, the usually beautiful Mulligan managed to look kind of dowdy. Think of it this way: have you ever seen Carrie Bradshaw – the apotheosis of New York style – in a pair of tights? No, you haven’t.

Carey Mulligan at May's Met Ball

In the newspapers, there are lots of nice stories about the Mitfords as Deborah Mitford (or Debo or the Duchess of Devonshire or whatever) is publishing her memoirs. Now, I already know most of it but it’s always fun to read about the Mitfords. The Guardian had an especially nice interview today. Camille Paglia took issue with Gaga in yesterday’s Sunday Times, as I’m sure you have been made aware of. I liked Alex Needham’s response on the Guardian website because a) he pointed out that Gaga isn’t trying to be sexy (duh!), and b) he brought my attention to this amazing fax spat that existed between Camille Paglia and Julie Burchill. I was a child living in a small town in Ireland when the row occurred, so this was my first reading but wow! I have never seen such bitchy letters, besides perhaps those exchanged between a particularly loathsome letting agent and myself. LE

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sock it to me!

For a couple of weeks there, it was summer. I skipped around town wearing sundresses and drank Hoegaarden out of plastic cups in pub gardens. I pranced around in light t-shirts and skinny jeans and pumps and I walked to appointments instead of taking the tube. But then it started raining again and the wind brought a chill from the north and I had to layer shirts and cardigans over my dresses and wear socks with my pumps. Except that I couldn’t find any socks. Well I could find odd sports socks or pink socks that had been left in my Christmas stocking about a decade go but I couldn’t find any nice normal socks that would be acceptable to wear with a ballet pump. And that’s what I miss about living with my dad. Well I also miss being able to ask for a quick summary of any political situation or war that I might not be as knowledgeable about as I should be. But mainly I miss the socks. Dads have whole drawers devoted to socks. I have a drawer for underwear and a drawer for bills and bank statements and a drawer for tights even, but I don’t have a drawer for socks. I need to buy some socks first.

When it comes to buying socks, I think it’s important to remember that black is bad. Black fades to a horrible light black and those hard crusty socks that you eventually find at the bottom of your wardrobe are always black. No, grey is better or a light brown perhaps. Patterns are out too unless they are very faint. Pop socks are also verboten (take note Lindsay Lohan). Obviously cashmere socks are the nicest but socks are easily lost or eaten by a dog so it doesn’t really make sense to splurge on them. And anyway, nobody wants really hot feet; that’s almost as uncomfortable as having really cold ones. People like Alexa Chung – that is to say people with very long, very skinny legs – are able to get away with skirts and socks and when the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection was launched there was plenty of socks-with-sandal action going on. I tend to stick to the skinny jeans/socks/ballet pumps combination myself but perhaps I’ll give socks with bare legs a try when the sun eventually comes back out. LE

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LFW Roundup

The Chambord is in our champagne which can only mean one thing – fashi week has come around again. For our first day, we focused on the shows rather then the parties – which was a first for The Portmanteau. John Rocha never fails to thrill and for AW 10 he produced another beautiful collection. Standout pieces were the opening look, a richly textured black dress, and a breathtaking draped cream silk goddess gown that lightened the beautiful gloom.

PPQ was less successful where the main source of inspiration for the collection seemed to be ‘80s window treatments – think lots of velvet, brocade and tassles. Usually PPQ excels in attracting a stellar front row and fun atmosphere but the lineup here was rather dismal with Pixie Lott and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner hogging the spotlight.

I took a day off from all things fashi on Sunday with a 24 hour jaunt to the motherland to see Gaga at the O2 (amazing) and to have a nostalgic run around the Wax Museum (so bad that it's actually pretty amazing too). Arriving back at the dawn on Monday morning didn't deter me from heading out to the Elle Style Awards party that night, although I both looked and felt like a zombie. The Alexa/ Pixie / Agy crew were out in force dancing to Supergrass side-project The Hot Rats with Pearl and Daisy Lowe making it a very family affair. Abbey Lee Kershaw was looking oh so ‘9os in velvet and dark brown lippie while Alexa, wearing Chanel, swapped her usual choppy bob for a tousled bouffant. I approve. It was also nice to see some international faces like Dree Hemingway, Olivia Palermo and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld in the house to break up the usual monotony of Geldof offspring sightings. Hot guy of the night: JR-R’s gorgeous model boyf, Robert Konjic with designer Erdem Moralioglu a close second. NOK

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cropping Up

Crop Tops

My BFF has deserted me. No, not my other The Portmanteau half, although she has jetted off to New York and left me home alone. But far more importantly, I have been abandoned by the Internet. Countless calls to Talk Talk and highfalutin tests like plugging the modem out and then back in again have led to the conclusion that the router is broken. It will be 5 days before a replacement is dispatched. What am I supposed to in the interim? Go to the corner shop and actually buy newspapers? Watch TV, mindlessly switching from one station to another in the hope that something good comes on? Call people on the telephone? I have discovered that if I crouch under the dressing table in my bedroom I can pick up somebody else’s wireless. It’s frustratingly temperamental and tends to drop out at the most crucial moments (for example, just as I enter my credit card details on Ryanair’s site) but it’s a far better solution than the alternatives listed above.

All of this crouching has rendered me cranky and so today I have decided to throw light on the most ridiculous trend of ’09 – the crop top. The crop top has been threatening a little comeback since the start of the year but I had decided to pay no attention to the issue because I thought it would go away if we all just ignored it. Six months later and I can’t step foot in Westfield (yes, I know I hate shopping centres but it’s really near my house and it has an excellent Waitrose) without a gaggle of crop topped teenagers getting in my way. I’m not sure what annoys me more about this trend – the fact that it looks pretty stupid or the fact that I’m too fat to pull it off. Last time crop tops were in, I had a flat tummy to rival Cheryl Cole but then everybody decided that showing your midriff was totally vulgar and I stopped skipping meals as only a fifteen-year-old can do. It’s really easy to go hungry when the hardest thing you have to do is watch MTV, but when you have to do adult things like deal with Talk Talk, it’s important to eat three square meals a day.

My biggest worry about the crop top revival isn’t that I will be forced into a bra top like that seen on Alexa in June’s Jalouse. Don’t fret, I’m not going to inflict that on anybody, but rather, I am concerned about what this means for tops in general, not just those specifically labelled crop. Cast your minds back to the year 2000 and remember where your average t-shirt ended. Yup, just right at your waistband. In recent years the hemlines of t-shirts and pretty much all tops have been lowered, meaning that you didn’t have to think about rolls of fat or greying knickers escaping from your jeans. It didn’t really matter if you put on a few pounds because your handy smock just covered everything up. But now with the rise of crop tops and shorter t-shirts in general, we are going to have to start paying attention to that area all over again. Hideous terms like muffin top and whale tail will re-enter our vocabulary and I'll have to try manage a few sit-ups. Great. LE

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alexa Takes Manhattan

I arrived in New York yesterday and by happy coincidence, our beloved Alexa started her show on MTV on the same day. I am actually here for work and not just to stalk AC - I swear - it's just very good timing.

Alexa has everything we have ever wanted in life and now to top it all off, she has her own MTV show. This was my other The Portmanteau half's dream when we were 15. She wanted to be Donna Air and both of us had a deep obsession with the MTV Europe Music Awards. Sadly, the closest we got to the awards when they were held in Dublin was a terrible after-party hosted by Donna and Richard Blackwood. The good news is that Alexa makes a much better host than Donna who always seemed half-asleep / half-stoned on Select. I'm not such a fan of the overload of texting / twittering interactivity - viewers tweeting photos of themselves watching the show with stuff on their heads etc. It reminds me of Lily Allen's chat show, trying a bit desperately to be hip and now and down with the kids. Alexa still lacks the ability to move a show on seamlessly ("Moving on....") and surprisingly, hasn't toned down her usual mocking, slightly awkward presenting style for an American audience who are used to more high octane TV presenters. But no doubt about it -this is a huge break for our girl Alexa. The days of Frock Me with Henry Holland and its Blue Peter-esque segments on customising denim seem very far away. NOK

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm seeing double, triple, quadruple.......

Although I am now officially a Londoner, I still have to keep up-to-date with all that is going down in the motherland. The elections, the leaving cert screw up and Amy Huberman’s wardrobe. In today’s Irish Times Amy talks to Deirdre McQuillan about her style and is pictured wearing a Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. You know, the orange one with the shoulders. The really nice one that’s unfortunately been ruined by its ubiquity. Peaches and Alexa have worn it, it’s been blogged about endlessly, even my other The Portmanteau half owns it. And that for me is the problem with high street/designer collaborations. Even before Matthew Williamson for H & M hit the shops, Mischa Barton had been pictured wearing every piece in the collection, thus rendering it completely unwearable. When I was a teenager, I used to get a thrill out of celebrities wearing the same clothes as me. Oh look, Natalie Appleton has my Warehouse top. But now I think that they just ruin them, robbing that Topshop dress of any sense of originality and exclusivity.

Perhaps it’s something that has been compounded by the Internet, its democratic nature means that everybody knows where you get your clothes and even your style references. It’s not a problem that is confined to the high street. I feel pretty much the same about Balmain jackets. I mean I could never afford one, but even if I could I’m not sure I’d want a jacket that’s been pictured so often. I’d feel that every time I’d wear it, people would be thinking, “Oh there goes that girl who wants to be Emmanuelle Alt”. And while that’s true, I do want to be Emmanuelle Alt, I don’t everybody to guess that by looking at my £3,000 denim jacket.

That said, how hot does Alexa look in the dress? Maybe I want one after all...... LE

Amy Huberman in the dress

Peaches in the dress

Alexa in the dress

Friday, May 1, 2009

The News

Yes, we realise that swine flu is a big deal but there were a few other interesting, although admittedly not as important, stories in the news this week. First off SJP announced she is having twins. By a surrogate. Despite the fact that Matthew Broderick had an affair quite recently. Then it was reported that one of our favourite couples ever are splitting up. We’ve long been fans of Jarvis and one might think that we’d be glad to hear of his impending divorce from French stylist, Camille Bidault-Waddington, but even we are not that mean-spirited. And we almost liked C B-W as much as Jarv anyway – I mean, who can forget the girlish envy endured at seeing her hen party weekend pictures in Elle. That’s exactly what I want my hen to be like when I’m a French stylist and I’m marrying Jarvis Cocker, my eighteen-year-old self thought pathetically.

Alexa’s move to NY was explained by the announcement that she is to have her own MTV show which will be a replacement for the now defunct TRL. Again, that is something that my eighteen-year-old self would be incredibly jealous about. Over at the Guardian, Ed Westwick was interviewed by Hannah Pool, which actually upsets me as I prefer to imagine Chuck Bass as being a real person, who I might meet and possibly go on a date with some time, rather than a character played by a polite English boy. The Guardian also had an excellent article on punctuation and the over-use of exclamation marks that appealed to the TEFL-trained side of me, its paragraph on semi-colons being of particular interest. Semi-colons make me nervous (I am not 100% sure of the rules) so I was heartened to hear that Orwell deemed them unnecessary and omitted them entirely from The Clergyman’s Daughter.

Our top news story of the week though came from the Irish Times and was entitled Naas to See You. We’re from Naas, you see, so this article was of particular interest. The piece appeared in last Saturday’s Irish Times and focused on the Punchestown National Hunt Festival, which yet again is something that my teenage self was very into. Not because I had any particular interest in horse racing but because you got the week off school and the town came alive at night with fun activities such as pig racing and the carnival (that’s carnival in the Irish sense of the word as in bumper cars and candy floss). The carnival, however, wasn’t mentioned in the article. Instead it focused on classier joints such as Butt Mullins, the restaurant where my other The Portmanteau half and I celebrated our confirmation, and Emporium Kalu, the shop responsible for thousands of middle-aged Kildare women adopting the layered boho-chic look.

I am using swine flu as an excuse to post this picture of really cute pigs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Career Guidance

There is a beautiful Alexa spread in May’s Harper’s Bazaar. Styled by Alison Edmond and shot by Guy Aroch, the photos capture the frothiness of full-length Nina Ricci and Giambattista Valli gowns whilst combining them with harder pieces like a Charles Anastase leather jacket or a pair of All Saints boots. Accompanying the dreamy spread is an equally fanciful interview in which Alexa discusses, once again, her varied career ambitions. The decision to turn down a place at Kings College is obviously mentioned - I don’t think there has ever been an Alexa interview that didn’t refer to it – which begs the question “WTF is the big deal about turning down a place at Kings College?” I turned down a place to study English at Trinity but I rarely/never mention that because eight years later it isn’t in any way relevant to my life.

I suspect that perhaps one of the reasons Alexa brings it up so frequently is because she feels slightly intellectually inferior. Although one would think that hanging out at Bungalow 8 with Peaches and Pixie all the time would actually make you feel really smart. Comparatively, at least. Anyway Alexa plans to make up for it – when asked where she sees herself at 30 she answered, “I want to write columns and I want to have studied literature and just be really clever, have an excellent vocabulary and just be really eloquent.” She also discusses her dreams of holding an exhibition of her photography and becoming an actress. Not in plays or Casualty or anything but in “some really cool hip thing. Juno or something.”

As somebody who has earned a living as a waitress, actor, shop assistant, drama teacher, runner in a post-production company, TEFL teacher and most recently production assistant/researcher type person, I am really in no position to judge. In fact, I am just jealous. Jealous of somebody who has pretty much everything I want in life - a column in The Independent and an incredibly long pair of legs.

Harper's Bazaar May 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Geek Chic

It’s World Book Day today, which brings back memories of readathons and book fairs. Yes, I was one of those annoying children who preferred reading to Barbie and gave people book tokens for their birthday. I positively relished the prospect of those reading age tests and still boast about how I had the reading age of a sixteen-year-old in third class. It is pretty much the high point of my academic life.

Somebody else who seems to cling to academic achievements past is Alexa Chung, whose A Level results and decision to turn down a place at King’s College, seem to feature in every interview she gives. Perhaps I’m being unfair and it’s not Alexa, but the pushy journalists, who bring this up but she does seem quite keen to display her smartness, especially in interviews in the Guardian. This time last year she discussed poetry with Laura Barton, “Ted Hughes, he's really good. The one where he's staring at the sea and imaging the sea's his father. What a clever guy!" And when asked what she was reading in last Saturday’s Guardian magazine she replied, "I'm rereading The Great Gatsby, because I gave it to my boyfriend, then realised I can't remember the storyline, and I'm reading Franny And Zooey, and I was reading Confederacy Of Dunces and Love In A Cold Climate, but I lost them." Woah there, Alexa. And you can’t really list A Confederacy of Dunces and Love in a Cold Climate (two of my favourite books, by the way) if you’ve lost them. I do imagine however that having a journalist ask you what book you're reading is tricky - I bet it always happens when you're guiltily rereading Adrian Mole - and I think Alexa just wants us to know that she's more than just a TV presenter with a famous boyfriend. At least her choices are more interesting than boring Gwyneth who lists Jane Eyre and Crime and Punishment as her top two books in her really dull Goop post on reading.

Image from Weheartit

Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Charlotte: The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

I've developed a bit of a reputation as a celebrity spotter. From the good (Alexa Chung at the bus stop), to the bad (Johnny Logan on Portobello Road) to the completely bizaare (Heather Mills on my lunch break), I basically could compile the weekly Spotted pages in Heat single handedly. But the ultimate sighting for me came this weekend when I spied Charlotte Casiraghi aka of Monaco getting on down to early 90s hip-hop upstairs in a grimy East London pub. At first I thought I was hallucinating in my drunken state but when I saw her beau, brother of Alice/gallery owner Alex Dellal and BFF socialite Olympia Scarry, I knew it was the real deal. I can report back that Charl was as beautiful as you would have imagined with flawless skin, a glossy mane and lips to rival Angelina's. Such a pity that neither of her hot brothers, Pierre and Andrea, were in attendance. I do think that Charlotte can do a lot better than a social-climbing Dellal but if, with his gallery at 20hoxtonsquare, he's bringing her closer to my neck of the woods, I can't really complain.

This was a big deal for me. I have always had a thing for the Monagasque royal family - the Grace Kelly connection, the tragedy and Stephanie's unsuitable romances with bodyguards, elephant trainers and acrobats. It's all so Hola! magazine. And I don't think that I'm alone in my adoration. The team at Paris Vogue chose Stephanie to guest edit their December issue - ok so, after issues edited by John Galliano, Sofia Coppola and Charlotte Gainsbourg, it might have been a tad underwhelming to anyone other than me. I'm guessing Carine was tapping into the wave of late 80s fever currently sweeping the fashion world, and Stephanie can now add editor to her long list of failed careers along with pop star, swimwear designer and perfume creator.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Sloanes Wins

I'm guilty of buying a Christmas present for my sister, and promptly robbing it back. And it's the ultimate guilty pleasure. The original Sloane Ranger's Handbook came out in 1981 and introduced the worlds of your typical Sloanes - Caroline and Henry - to anyone who cared and it's absolutely hilarious. A Princess Di fan from birth, I read the always entertaining Tatler every month and am partial to a bit of Sloane style myself. A pearl earring here, a silk scarf there - although the overall effect is usually more Princess Anne than Diana Spencer.

The Sloane look is conservative and reassuring - like Sloanes themselves. Never high fashion, thus never out of fashion. It was a major influence for this autumn/winter season. Everywhere you look are the trademarks - tweeds, velvet, high-neck blouses, navy blazers, headscarves - all quintessentially Sloane. Head to Church's for the definitive brogues - solid and long lasting - no high-street knock offs, please - they're against nature and totally gucky, as the Handbook would say. Although she's more likely to be found at Bungalow 8 rather than roaming the Kings Road, with her Barbour jackets and loafers, it seems even our beloved Alexa has succombed to all things Sloane.

My favourite new generation Sloane has to be Henry Conway. Henry claims he doesn't fit into any category in the Sloane Ranger Handbook but crowns himself Queen Sloane. He dresses as a Regency dandy, rocks up to parties in a horse-drawn carriage and wrote a book on the history of knitting. I mean, what's not to love? He's the ultimate Hooray Henry. I must say, I was rather shocked to spot Master Conway at Circus on Friday night looking more low-key than usual. I fret that his new year's resolution might be to tone the Sloane down - come on Conway, we depend on you to keep the Sloane style alive.

D & G A/W 08 - Image from

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alexa (Again)

I did not appreciate being stood up by Alexa on Friday night. I cut short a good night out just so I could watch Claudia Winkleman, Alexa’s replacement on Jonathan Ross, discuss the Strictly Come Dancing contestants. Claudia seems quite nice but I don’t watch Strictly.... so the references to the C-list celebrities and their garishly dressed professional dancer cohorts were somewhat lost on me. It was interesting to hear a sober Colin Farrell speaking eloquently and intelligently on the subject of addiction and mental health (Emma Forrest seems to be a very good influence) but I was really just tuning in to see what Alexa would wear.

Alexa did turn up for the second installment of Frock Me on Channel 4 this morning, the show she presents with Henry Holland. Frock Me is perfect Sunday morning viewing, with short snappy interviews and little street style challenges that do not demand much of our frazzled hungover brains. The customising section is embarrassingly Blue Peter-esque and Henry is a little wooden but it’s still a fun show and a welcome alternative to other Sunday TV favourites like Friends reruns or horse racing.

For more Alexa news, check out The Sunday Times magazine where Alexa chats about her perfect life in A Life in the Day. There’s lots of talk of how much she loves Alex Turner, how she loses weight really easily and how designers are forever sending her free clothes. Ugh. Unlike most A Life in a Day contributors, who claim to get up at sunrise before milking their own cows and going to the gym, Alexa seems a tad lazy. She mentions how tired she constantly is but then goes on to say that she goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 9am. Come on Alexa, that’s eleven hours!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Make sure to get home from the pub early tonight because there’s a treat in store on BBC 1 at 10.35. Jonathan Ross does tend to polarise opinion (personally I kinda like him) but the guests are so good tonight that you have to watch it. Our own Colin Farrell appears as does Roger Moore and there’s music by The Kills but the real reason we’re so excited is that Alexa is appearing on the show. I’ve a feeling that Jonathan and Alexa are going to get on like a house on fire and I’m curious as to how she’s going to dress for the occasion. If I had legs like Alexa, I’d be rocking some oh-so-now trousers, either leather skinnies or some peg leg woollen ones, but she might play it safe and stick to what she knows best – little dresses that perfectly bridge the gap between dressy and casual. And will she wear brogues, penny loafers or heels? Only time will tell….

Sunday, September 21, 2008

LFW Party Roundup Part Deux

Mary McCartney: British Style Observed

The Natural History Museum provided an elegant and grown-up backdrop to this rather elegant and grown-up bash. Six of Mary McCartney's beautiful portraits were being auctioned for Macmillan Cancer Support. McCartney's famous subjects Tracy Emin and Sam Taylor Wood turned up as did Sir Paul with girlfriend Nancy Shevell, the ubiquitous Margo Stilley and a hand-in-hand Kate Hudson and Stella. Kate had been dressed in a grey playsuit for the occasion and accessorised with a toddler-like pout. Our favourite teenager, Georgia Jagger, chatted to Nicolas Hoult as Vanessa Feltz rubbed shoulders with Jamelia. It truly was an electic bunch! The canapes were amazing as were the goody bags - huge canvas Boots bags heaving with serious loot. Elle McPherson gave some speech extolling the virtues of her new range of beauty products and tens of thousands were raised for charity. All in all, a very successful evening for everyone concerned.

Valentino: The Red Thread.

This Samsung-sponsored evening was supposedly an exhibition of Valentino's designs but was actually just a video of one show playing on loop on several TV screens. Celebrity guests were a little thin on the ground with highlights including Margo Stilley and Sanjay from Eastenders! Our spirits were lifted by the late arrival of Mischa Barton who got a little tour of the venue before posing for endless photos with Samsung managers. Evidently it all got a little too much for Mischa because she collapsed into a foot-stamping tantrum when flinging her arm back aimlessly, she couldn't locate the sleeve of her own coat.

House of Holland After- Party

Henry Holland took over the Bloomsbury Ballroom for his after-party and filled it full of really skinny and very pretty hot young things. Alexa and Agy made a quick getaway at about 11 pm but plenty more stayed on, dancing to Madonna, Annie Lennox and other 80s classics until late. Black eyeliner, oversized glasses and check shirts abounded with lots of the boys taking their inspiration from Holland himself, sporting little quiffs and tight denim shorts. Whatever you may say about Holland's designs, one thing is for sure - this boy knows how to throw a fun party.

All good things must come to an end.....the fashion juggernaut rolled on to the MAN / Colette party at the amazing 33 Portland Place on Friday night - London's finest running riot through a five story Georgian townhouse, sending LFW off in style. All the pretty faces were looking slightly haggard after a week of partying, but Roisin Murphy was still there, dancing away. See you in February, darlings!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

People whose lives we covet

Ok so I know that our mothers would warn us not to wish for anybody else’s life because we don’t know what is truly going on for these people, blah, blah, which actually is a very valid point Mum, but we can’t help but be totally jealous of some people’s seemingly perfect lives.

So this is an obvious one. She has really long legs, perfect skin, great style, a famous boyfriend and a successful presenting career. Ugh.

Sally Singer
Singer is a fashion editor at American Vogue who still manages to look kind of messy and bohemian. Totally smart (she is a Yale graduate) and yet absolutely devoted to fashion, she embodies the kind of glamorous New Yorker we aspire to be. And her husband’s book is really good. And her children are pretty cute.

Bay Garnett
There are loads of reasons to be jealous of Bay Garnett. She has made a living out of doing what she loves - thrifting. She is at the centre of fashion but still eschews the consumerist mainstream. She sometimes collaborates with her talented photographer husband Tom Craig and their baby tags along too. Her mum seems really nice.

Phoebe Philo
Another person that makes us jalouse is Phoebe Philo. Along with Stella McCartney, she turned Chloe’s fortunes around and we’re sure that Celine is in for the same ride. But she’s not just some crazy career woman. She resigned her post at Chloe so that she could concentrate on being there for her small children. Yeah, we’re obsessed with stylish people who have babies.

Valentine Fillol-Cordier
We know that it’s really stupid to envy models because you can never compete. They’re obviously going to be way prettier and thinner than you. That’s their job. But Valentine is more than just a model. She has amazing style and is something of a muse for designers such as Charles Anastase. How does one become a muse? We want to go to muse school.