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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bring on the Tennies/Teens/Whatevs

OK so today is the day that I return to the real world. Everybody knows that starting on January 1st is too unrealistic a goal – how are the hungover supposed to recuperate if deprived of continuous access to Johnny Onion Rings and Lucozade? And it’s unfair to curtail TV viewing when there are still so many amazing Review of the Year-type programmes on.

But today has to be the day, doesn’t it? I mean there’s no excuse now. The festive season is well and truly over and it’s high time that I got it together and attempted to begin my New Year’s resolutions, which are: to work more, sleep more, exercise more and blog more while eating, drinking, partying and shopping less. God that sounds boring but I guess it’s necessary after a two week period during which I started each day with a fried breakfast and could barely muster the motivation to write a 140 character tweet. And if I find myself getting blue about my new mature - but very dull - life, I can always cheer myself up by stroking the soft leather of my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag or twirling around my room in my Luella prom skirt. Thanks Santa! LE

Oh and another resolution: Get camera fixed and start taking proper photos!